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Understanding Real Estate and Interest Rates

Lenders, whether government-backed or private, compete for home buyer businesses in a free and dynamic market. This drives up or lowers average monthly interest rates for mortgage loans.

Based on correct housing prices, tighter credit requirements, and a decreasing surplus of unsold houses, the average interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages have remained close to historic lows between 2013 and 2022, but have started rising in 2022. However, they are still at historically low levels.

Rising mortgage interest rates do not cause anxiety. Knowledge of the topic can help ease any fears. Housing market participants must be able to comprehend rising mortgage rates as they have an impact on every aspect of purchasing a home.

Rising Interest Rates and Homebuyers

The conventional wisdom in real estate is that higher interest rates can make selling or buying a house more difficult. Conversely, decreasing interest rates can make selling and buying a home easier.

Johnny Home Buyer would want a 4% interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage on a $400,000 home. His monthly mortgage payment would then be $1,900. Johnny would pay $2,138 if he was eligible for a 5% fixed rate on a 30-year mortgage. Johnny’s monthly payment would rise by $238 if he has a 1% interest rate increase. This is roughly 13%. What does this all mean for homebuyers

A home buyer sees affordability decreasing as mortgage rates rise. Johnny Home Buyer is looking to get a $400,000 mortgage at 4.4% interest. However, based on his qualifications, the lenders are unable to offer him a loan of $355,000 because he has not met all requirements. Johnny’s purchasing power is reduced by $45,000 for every 1% increase in mortgage rates.

Johnny Home Buyer could have “qualified” for the $400,000 mortgage he desired before the Great Recession. This was during peak subprime mortgage madness.

To sweeten the deal, a subprime lender could have offered Johnny a 2% adjustable rate of interest for the first five years. Johnny will be responsible for at least 7 percent interest after five years. If interest rates rise, Johnny may have to pay more.

Sellers and rising interest rates

Sellers are also affected by rising mortgage rates, but in a different way. Jill may list her home for $400,000 if she wants to sell her house. Jill’s house is now only available to buyers who can afford it at $355,000 due to rising interest rates.

Indisputable, Jill can still make a profit from the sale. However, a 1% increase on mortgage rates reduces Jill’s market value by approximately $45,000.

How well she plays the markets will determine her profit. In essence, interest rates could rise rapidly and cause housing prices to crash.

Rising Interest Rates and Property Value

Homebuyers and sellers can notice the impact of rising interest rates. Hypothetical scenarios show that housing prices and property values directly correlate with mortgage rates. However, the economic health is what drives both of these scenarios.

Rising mortgage rates won’t have as much of an impact on housing prices and property values if the economy is growing fast enough. If mortgage rates rise one point, monthly payments will increase by $238. However, strong economies allow employers to raise salaries enough to compensate.

A rise in interest rates shouldn’t paralyze the housing market as long as the economy is growing and there are job growth and wage growth.

Rising interest rates and real estate investing

The impact of rising mortgage rates on real estate investment can be beneficial. Because fewer people are eligible for mortgages, the rental market will grow. However, rising interest rates can reduce prices so it is sometimes better to purchase during an increasing interest rate environment.

Furthermore, lending standards will become more strict as interest rates rise. This will result in fewer real property transactions. Renting properties will become more important until people can afford mortgages. An investor could make a fortune by investing 1% more in the right market for housing.

Do you want to buy or sell?

It is not a bad idea to buy a home when mortgage interest rates rise. Historical data shows that a mortgage rate of 5% is still very low. A mortgage with a fixed rate for 30 years is much cheaper than historical rates, according to data from Freddie Mac.

Since 2009, the average annual 30-year fixed mortgage rate has not exceeded 5%. The average mortgage rate at the beginning of the Great Recession, 2006 was 6.411%. In 1996, the average mortgage interest was 7.81%. Ten years earlier, in 1986, it was 10.9%.

What happens to mortgages when interest rates rise?

Mortgages are more expensive when interest rates rise. This is because the mortgage interest rate also increases. It becomes more expensive for homeowners to buy a home. The demand for homes decreases when they are more expensive. This causes a decline in the housing market. To attract buyers, sellers reduce the prices of their homes.

Are rising interest rates good for mortgage companies?

Companies that lend money to home buyers are rewarded with rising interest rates. A bank or mortgage company that earns more interest for a higher interest rate will be able to pay more. This leads to higher bank revenues. However, mortgage companies may be affected if they have to charge too much for mortgages.

What is better: Lower closing costs or lower interest rates?

It is up to you to calculate the numbers and work out which option is best. The best option for your home purchase is one that results in a lower total cost. This would typically be lower interest rates since you will be paying that interest rate for a longer time if your home is not refinanced. This could result in lower monthly mortgage payments and lower interest rates.

The bottom line

Buyers are encouraged by interest rates remaining at historic lows. Today’s market is home to some of the lowest debt that a homeowner will be able to acquire in the market.

The most important thing is to get the right advice from an experienced real estate agent professional who has sold many properties for others. Potential investors will feel more confident, knowledgeable, and secure in their financial decisions when working with an expert.

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When to Find A New Real Estate Agent

You may not always get the best real estate agent the first time. There are times when you thought you hired a suitable agent but after a couple of meetings and transactions, you realize you are not hitting it off. This is when you need to find a new agent to work with.

Remember that hiring the right realtor to represent you as sell or buy a house is essential to ensure success in the real estate transaction you are pursuing. On the other hand, if you put little care in hiring and put less thought when choosing who to work with, you will may end up with someone who will let you down and leave you hanging especially when you need them the most.

What many home sellers and home buyers do not realize is that working with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent is like building a longtime relationship. You need to be able to feel good at your first meeting. You need to be able to learn to trust each other in the early stages of your relationship. This helps both of you to easily understand each other, making sure you are both on the same page when discussing houses and the real estate market.

How To Know When to Hire A New Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

If you are having doubts with the competence of the real estate agent you hired, here are nine signs that will confirm your doubts and tell you that you need to find a new one.

1. When the real estate agent offers to sell your house at a high price – You’ll know the agent is suggesting a high price for your house if you get listing from other agents. Note that an experienced and professional realtor will look at how much similar homes have sold for in the same neighborhood and will set a price that is close to this amount.

Setting your house at relatively the same price as other recently sold homes – that are similar to your house – in the same neighborhood will make your house sell faster. An experienced real estate professional understands that your house needs to seem realistic and affordable to attract more buyers.

2. When the real estate agent works only part-time – You need to be working with someone who is 100% committed to the industry and to their job. If they work full time, they are more knowledgeable about the current real estate market, giving you the advantage that you need in the venture that you are pursuing.

If you are buying a house, a full-time realtor will be able to provide you with the most recent listings and homes for sale in the neighborhood you are interested in. If you are a home seller, a full-time real estate professional will be able to assist you in selling your home particularly in bringing potential home buyers to your house.

3. When the agent knows little about the neighborhood you are buying or selling in – One of the reasons why you hired a real estate professional is to have access to inside information about the neighborhood where you are selling or buying. Real estate professionals either already have this information, especially if they seem centered in doing real estate transactions in the same area, or they can get the information quickly and easily through their professional connections.

If the agent knows little about the neighborhood, then they will be of little help and assistance to you. Hire an agent who you can consider an expert in the neighborhood you are doing real estate transactions in to help you achieve success.

4. When the agent does not have prior experience in real estate transactions with your type of property – It is important that you hire an agent who is an expert in their field. Make sure they have worked with previous transactions with the same type of property like the one you are selling or buying. This further ensures success in your real estate transaction. Plus, you can be sure that the real estate transaction will proceed smoothly and quickly.

Looking for a real estate agent to work with? You can be sure that the agent you are working with is specifically chosen depending on the real estate transaction you are pursuing, your location and the type of real estate property you are dealing with. Give them a call today and inquire about their services.

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7 Steps in Buying Homes For Sale In Myrtle Beach

Buying a home for sale in Myrtle Beach should not be a long and difficult process. The home buying process should be fun and exciting for the buyer, especially if this is his first time to buy a home. Although the real estate market varies depending on the location where you are buying, there are general steps that you can follow to help make your home buying process smooth and successful.

Your Guide To Buying Homes For Sale in Myrtle Beach

1. Make an offer
As soon as you have found the best among the many homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, it is important that you immediately make yourself known to the seller. The seller should know that you are interested in buying. And you could do this by making a purchase offer and signing a legally binding real estate contract. These documents will tell the seller that you are not only interested in buying the house but that you are also committing to a home purchase transaction with the seller.

You should note, however, that the real estate contract legally binds you to commit to buying the house. Therefore, you should only do this when you are very sure about the house that you are buying. On the other hand, there are also contingencies that you can include in the contract to allow you to opt out when necessary. Some of the contingencies you may want to include are property inspection, loan approval, disclosure review, and appraisal.

2. Request disclosure documents from the seller
These disclosures will include everything that you need to know about the house you are buying and the neighborhood it belongs to. Even if you already signed and submitted a legally binding real estate contract, you can always opt out of the contract after reviewing the disclosures and finding out that the house is not that suitable to your needs.

Disclosures should include reports on problems and issues on the entire property, improvements and repairs are done on the house and necessary repairs that need to be accomplished. Often, most issues will also be discussed by the seller’s agent even before you sign the contract.

3. Have a third-party appraiser to confirm contract price
However you plan to pay for the house – whether you are considering buying it with cash or via a mortgage loan, you will need to have the house appraised to confirm the contract price. If you are buying the house through a mortgage loan, the financial institution that granted your mortgage loan will send out an appraiser to confirm the home’s contract price. Note that the appraisal value will usually affect the approved amount of your mortgage loan.

4. Prepare for the property inspection
Aside from the appraisal, you should also have the entire property inspected by a licensed and trained inspector. All buyers looking to buy homes for sale in Myrtle Beach are entitled to have that house inspected from top to bottom. Consider this as your last chance to learn everything about the house and decide whether it’s suitable for you and your family.

When having an inspector go through the house, come along and take note of the areas or parts that need repair or replacement. You can use these to further negotiate the price of the house or arrange to have the seller pay for or do the repairs before you close the deal.

5. Wait for the bank’s review of the property
The financial institution that granted your request for a mortgage loan will need time – usually about 30 days – to review the property and assess your loan application. What they will generally look at is the house’s title report and any liens recorded against or associated with the property.

6. Walk through the house for the last time before closing
This is important to make sure the house is still in the condition that you last saw it. Plus, this will also allow you to confirm whether or not the seller has appropriately completed the repairs that you have both agreed on after the inspection. You should also jot down any modifications and changes made to the house that was not there when you first inspected the house. Keep in mind that this step is necessary to ensure that you are getting the deal that you will pay for.

7. Schedule the closing
This is the last aspect of the entire home buying process. Both buyer and seller will have to sign the closing documents, either together or separately depending on how you schedule it. As the buyer, you are required to make payments on the closing day. Your real estate agent will help you to confirm how much you are required to pay before the date of the closing. This will prevent any surprises and unexpected fees to pay.

The home buying process will become much easier and less stressful if you work with a real estate agent. Give Full Potential Real Estate, LLC a call today and inquire about their professional assistance and learn more about homes for sale in Myrtle Beach.

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Tips To Make Downsizing Easier For Seniors

real estate agentMost seniors are aware that there will come a time when they need to downsize to cut costs, simplify their way of life, be closer to their grandkids, or to deal with their medical needs. It is usually a stressful process, both physically and emotionally. However, it does not have to be too overwhelming. Here are a few tips from expert real estate agents to make downsizing easier for seniors.

Downsizing Guide For Seniors

Start Early

Give yourself a lot of time for this particular process since it will take much longer that you initially thought. Take your time. Avoid sorting through your whole house in just a single day or over the weekend. A few weeks to about a month is more realistic. Deal with one room at a time and don’t forget to take breaks throughout. Downsizing will be less stressful if you are not rushing through things.

Start Small

You most likely have a few things in mind to get rid of in the garage or kitchen. However, avoid sorting through such a big room right from the start. You have a lot of things that you may have accumulated over the years and this will take some time to go through. Begin in a room with little emotional attachment and understand your needs. This will make the process a lot easier.

Eliminate Rooms You Won’t Have In Your New Home

If you are buying a home or a condo, you may not have an office space or a garage. Almost everything in these spaces will have to donated, sold, relocated, or tossed.

Get Rid Of Duplicates

You will find this true especially in your kitchen. You have at least two spatulas, a few oversized stock pots, and more. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter.

Only Yes or No, No Maybes

If you are going through years of possessions, there are things that will tug at your heartstrings and you will be tempted to make a third pile for things that you can keep if you have enough space. Don’t be tempted. You will wind up with a Maybe pile that will be bigger than your Yes or No piles. Check every item and determine if you use it all the time or not. If yes then keep it if not then get rid of it. There’s no room for maybes. Only bring what you need to your new Myrtle Beach home.

Sell Your Things

Facebook, Craigslist, and yard sales are only some of the ways for you to sell your things. You most likely won’t make a lot of cash on most items, so think about how much time you would like to invest. For instance, yard sales tend to be faster but for cheaper prices while Facebook offers a wider audience.

Give Yourself Some Time To Reminisce

While you are sorting and cleaning, there will be a few days when you would like to stop emptying the bedroom of the kids drawings, trophies, and toys. You can pause and allow the nostalgia to take over for a bit.

If you need help in searching for your new home, call Full Potential Real Estate right away. Need help sorting, packing and getting rid of your things? Contact Brunswick Organizing Solutions.

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Real estate agentWhen it comes to buying a home or property, who do you call to ask for help? Most people think that real estate agents are at your beck and call, but what they do not realize is that being a real estate agent is another story.

One client wondered why she got yelled at when she called an agent. She knew there was nothing wrong with asking for information regarding a home for sale. But clients should understand that there are certain rules and etiquette policies when dealing with real estate agents.

Do not be misguided but these agents enjoy working with people, however, there are customers who would cross the line at some point. To help you out, here are a few guidelines to remember when dealing with Myrtle Beach real estate agents.

Best Practices When Dealing With A Real Estate Agent

  1. They work on a commission basis

You have to understand that only a few Myrtle Beach realtors work on a salary basis. Most of them work and are on commission– if they fail to close a deal, they don’t get paid. Remember that these agents do not work for free. So better make sure that you really need a real estate agent before you start looking for one.

  1. Always be on time

For real estate agents, time is money. Be considerate and always be on time when you have an appointment with them. Do not expect these agents to drop everything and show you a house. If you are running late, at least be courteous enough to call and advise of your expected time to arrive.

  1. Pick a real estate professional

Make a decision whether you wish to work without representation, transact directly with listing representatives, or if you wish to employ your personal representative. If you make a decision to employ your personal representative, be sure to meet with them prior to hiring them. According to a buyers agent, never try to interview two professionals in the same company.

  1. Do not call the listing representative if you are dealing with a purchasing representative

Listing agents help the seller, not the buyer. If you work with the listing representative to represent you, that representative will certainly be working on two agencies. If a listing representative shows you the house, expect that they will represent you. Listing representatives do not intend to do the buyers agents’ work. Let your buyers’ agent do the work.

  1. Sign a contract or agreement prior to working with a real estate agent

Full Potential Real Estate, LLC, suggests signing an agreement to safeguard both parties. It develops a connection between you as well as the representative. This agreement also clarifies the responsibilities of each party. Always inquire about the distinction between an Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Purchaser’s Broker Arrangement.

If you are not all set to authorize with a buyer’s broker, do not ask that representative to show you houses, or else, an acquiring clause could appear.

  1. Never authorize forms you do not understand

Do not ever think that it is foolish to ask questions. It is the real estate representative’s duty to answer questions. It is natural that they can easily understand what’s written in forms, but to you, it may seem unfamiliar.

One piece of advice from professionals, never sign contracts or agreements that you have not read nor understood.

  1. Be prepared to buy

If you typically are not all set to buy, you do not require a real estate agent. You can just go to open houses and ask a listing representative for showings. Let them know instantly that you not ready for a new home but just doing research.

You can bring your checkbook with you, just in case a down payment is needed.

If you are looking for honest and reliable real estate agents, always call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC in Myrtle Beach.


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Real Estate Agent Tips In Buying A Myrtle Beach Home

real estate agentThe housing market can be tricky and buying your dream home may not be that easy, especially if you choose to go through the process without the professional assistance of a real estate agent. Note that sellers are not always enthusiastic about purchase offers that are lower than their asking price. Plus, there may be other homebuyers showing interest in the same house you are considering.

To ensure that you keep on top of the buyers’ competition and that you get the seller’s approval, here are some things that you can do.

Tips From A Professional Real Estate Agent

Ensure a flawless credit report

The first thing you should do as soon as you decided to buy a house is to ensure that your credit report is flawless. You should check your credit history several months before having your credit report created for your use when applying for a mortgage loan. This will give you time to improve it should you notice some flaws. Also, make sure there are no errors as the process of fixing mistakes on a credit report is time-consuming. So you need to make sure it is error-free and impressive as well to help increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage loan.

Secure an approved mortgage loan

Having an approved mortgage loan will make you look good to sellers as it means faster purchase transactions. When a seller knows that you are already approved for a mortgage loan, he will be more likely to start negotiations with you. Plus, with an approved mortgage, you already know how much budget you have for the home purchase. As a result, your home search will be more streamlined and organized. You will not have to waste time and effort looking at houses that are outside your budget range.

Work with an experienced real estate agent

No matter how easy it is now to get all the information that you need for your home purchase, it is still necessary to work alongside a professional. Keep in mind that you are hiring not only for the professional assistance but more for their expertise and skills. Full Potential Real Estate will help ensure you buy your dream house at a reasonable price that will benefit both you and the seller. Doing it alone may cost you a lot of money, particularly in the negotiation process. In addition, the process is more likely to take longer if you are doing it on your own because you lack the necessary and appropriate industry connections to make the entire process move more quickly.

Make time for visiting and checking out homes

As a buyer, you want to make sure that you are buying the most appropriate home for your needs. Thus, it helps if you make time for visiting and checking out the houses that you are considering buying. Do not settle and be content in viewing photos of the house. Remember that images can be altered and that home listing photos are always made to make the house for sale look nice and irresistible and flawless. Visiting the houses will give you time to scrutinize the house and check all areas. A Myrtle Beach realtor can help you with this.

Obtain neighborhood information

Location plays a huge role in your home buying decisions. Most individuals buy homes based on their locations. Of course, this will greatly depend on your current lifestyle. If you are looking to build a family, you might want to live near schools. If you are living alone, you want a neighborhood that has easy access to entertainment and recreational centers as well as job opportunities. For seniors, however, they are looking to buy in a neighborhood that is near hospitals and senior care.

Whatever your reason might be for buying a home, it is important to obtain neighborhood information to help you make your decision on where to buy. And if you are buying on your own, you might not find this task easy. Most of the time, you will need the expertise and connections of a Myrtle Beach real estate agent to help you obtain the information that you need to assess neighborhoods.

Call Full Potential Real Estate now and speak with her for professional assistance in buying your dream home.

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Real Estate Agent Tips: Is Buying a Condo a Good Investment?

real estate agentA condo purchase can be a great investment, but it may not be for everyone. How do you decide if a condo is a good investment? Answer some questions and do some calculations. You should also ask for help from an expert real estate agent.

You must first estimate how much rent you will receive each year and what expenses you will incur. Real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance are just a few of the expenses. There may also be legal fees for eviction, advertising costs to find tenants, and costs for repairs if a tenant damages your property.

Do the math: A Condo Investment Example

Let’s take an example:

A condo for sale at $55,000 is available. You can also pay cash. The rent will be $750 per month ($9,000 annually). This is a 16.4% return ($9,000 divided by $55,000). There are other expenses that must be considered before you get too excited.

  • Real estate taxes
  • Insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • One month of vacancy per annum
  • Advertise your condo
  • Negative experiences can lead to legal fees and additional repair costs.
  • You will also be able to contribute to the property’s appreciation in cash flow.
  • You will need to consider the interest cost if you are unable to pay cash or have to finance the property.

Other factors: Condo Assessment and Association fees

It is also important to determine if there are any association fees for the condo you are considering and how often assessments may be required. These expenses are incurred to cover common areas within the condominium.

Assessments may include maintenance and repairs to the parking lot, exterior improvements, landscaping, and any expenses related to common areas like a main lobby and entranceway. Before you calculate your estimated return on condo investment, these expenses must be included in your expense estimate.

You must assess the reality of your assumptions before you make any real estate investments. These are additional questions that you should ask to determine if buying a condo is a wise investment. You should also ask a Myrtle Beach realtor for help.

  • Are you a condo owner in an area that is highly sought after, such as near a college or beach?
  • Are you noticing a decline in popularity or an increase in popularity?
  • Could there be a closure of a major employer and a decline in rental demand?
  • Is there a possibility that a condo development could be built near your home, and you would have to make expensive home upgrades in order to keep up with it?

Tips From Pro Real Estate Agent

How can you finance a condo purchase?

To finance a condo you will need to be eligible for a condo loan. Because your lender will inspect the whole condo property, it is generally more difficult to get a condo loan than standard mortgages. You will also need to pay a higher down payment for investment property loans.

What are the deductions available if I purchase a condo as an investment?

Condominiums have the same deductions as other investment properties. These expenses include mortgage interest, repairs and depreciation, insurance, taxes, and any other costs.

What is the best time to keep my condo investment intact before it’s sold?

There are many factors that influence the timing of real estate investments. You might want to sell the property in a few years if you are looking for a quick profit. If your primary goal is to make rental income, however, you may prefer keeping the property longer, as recommended by a Myrtle Beach real estate agent.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC now if you need the help of a real estate agent.

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real estate agentWhen you’re looking to buy a property either sooner or later, you will need to get in touch with a real estate agent in Myrtle Beach. However, not all real estate agents are a pleasure to work with.

Some are less helpful and those are the kinds that you should be able to point out before you could get to the best ones. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s your right and it’s just the best way to go. Here are a few red flags that you should look out for when choosing a real estate agent:

Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Agent

The agent pushes you towards the highest price for the property

If you’re selling your house, ask for a listing presentation from a number of agents. Check out the prices they put on your property. The price of your property should be close to the price of similar property listings. If they choose to sell your house at the highest price possible, you will wait a really long time before potential buyers would even take interest in your house.

The agents is doing a job part-time

Doing a part-time job isn’t a bad thing. However, if you’re looking to buy a house, work with a Myrtle Beach realtor that’s working full-time. A part-time real estate agent may or may not know everything there is to get you the home you want. What’s even more problematic is not always there when you need him/her.

The agent isn’t fully familiar with your neighborhood

A Myrtle Beach real estate agent should always be familiar with the neighborhood their looking to buy or sell homes. If you go along and take the services of an agent who doesn’t have a clear picture of the neighborhood of your liking, you could end up paying too much or may not get the best piece of real estate.

The agent doesn’t deal with the type of property you have or want to sell

Regardless if you’re buying or selling, the agent that you choose should be familiar with the type of property you want to deal with. If you’re planning on investing in a condominium, choose an agent that’s an expert at handling the sale and purchase of condo units. Some agents have mixed specialties. It’s only a matter of finding out if the agent is indeed capable of what he claims.

The agent isn’t willing to work with people in your price range

A lot of real estate agents are after big money. If you’re looking for a home that costs just around $200,000, you will find yourself in a tight spot. A good buyers agent will work with anyone regardless of their price range. However, it will not be an easy search for such people. After all, the bigger the sale, the more money the agent gets. Just be sure to take your time when searching for real estate agents who are willing to work with your budget. It may not be an easy search but you will eventually find one that’s willing to work with you.

Are you in the market for your first home? Give Full Potential Real Estate, LLC today to get the house of your dreams.

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selling a homeIf you are planning to sell your Myrtle Beach home it is important to understand that this whole process is both overwhelming and stressful in order to get the best price from it possible. There are a number of important real estate selling tips you should learn when it comes to selling a home fast. Below are some of the important tips you should consider so you can the best price when selling a home:

Preparation Tips Before Selling A Home

Taking an Objective Look at Your Home

After living in a certain place for a long time (like your home), it is human nature to overlook the small things that could hurt its resale value. For this reason it is wise and important to ensure that you take an objective look at your home before placing it in the market. You should think just like a potential buyer and identify all the turn-offs, and look for a way to negate them.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Statistics in the real estate industry have shown that most potential property buyers make up their minds about viewing the inside of a house within the first 10 seconds of looking at its curb appeal. This is one area that is very important to take care of as you make the preparations when it comes to selling a home in Myrtle Beach.

It should be very attractive and breathtaking in order to attract more visitors to your property and also arouse their interest to enter and view it well inside. A professional realtor in Myrtle Beach said that a great curb appeal is quite a strong point that attracts buyers as it reflects the degree of care and maintenance according to the other parts of the house.

Making the Home Stand Out

When buyers are looking to buy a home, they normally view a number of properties before making their final decision. In order to close the deal, you have to make sure that your house stands out. It is important to make sure that the buyers can connect with your home and visualize it as their own. In order to achieve this feat, you should ensure that you “depersonalize” your home.

This will be achieved by ensuring that you put away all your personal belongings and photos. This makes your home neutral and it will be easier for prospective homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home with nothing detracting them.

Pricing Your Home Right

Apart from doing the basics like cleaning the house thoroughly, repainting it, de-cluttering and fixing all the broken parts when preparing to sell your home, setting the price right is also very important.  You may want to consider hiring a handyman to repair dripping faucets, clean up the yard and do a thorough inspection of your home. You should carry out research on your competition as well as the market in order to set your price well. Use the home search function on our website to conduct your research.

You can take the risk and slash the price of your home by about 15 – 20% off the prevailing market prices.  This is a huge risk but it may bring a lot of buyers to your home and force bidding that will fetch more than the set price and maybe over what it is worth. This is a great strategy for selling your home in the prevailing market today.

All the above are the important real estate selling tips that you ought to follow when getting your home ready for sale. However, the best tip is to call your local real estate agent in Myrtle Beach for their advice on selling a home in Myrtle Beach.

Cheryl Woodward with Full Potential Real Estate knows the area and can ensure your home is priced right. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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real estate agentSo, you are in the market for a real estate agent and are looking at many potential candidates, you have finally made a decision. But how would you know if you’re hiring the right one? Are there any telltale signs that you have chosen the wrong person?

Selecting the right Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

They Make Bad First Impressions

First impressions are always important when it comes to real estate agents. If the agent does not take your call the first time you try to reach out to them, then you have to consider that as a red flag. That is a sign that they are unreliable. In today’s sellers market, buying a home is a time-sensitive situation and you want your real estate agent to be there when you need them. Trust your gut! If it doesn’t feel right, move on.

They Don’t Get To Know You

Your real estate agent in Myrtle Beach should know who you are in general and what your interests are if they want to find a house that you will like.  Are they listening to your needs? The real estate agent should be fully invested in the buying or selling experience of their client. If he or she does not want to know more about you and your interests then you should move on and find another agent to work with.

They Don’t Listen

If your agent’s focus of the conversation is not based on what you want or what you need but on his or her past experiences or something completely unrelated, then you are clearly working with the wrong real estate agent. A good agent will focus on nothing else but you.

They Don’t Think Outside The Box

Your agent must also be creative. It wouldn’t hurt if they think outside the box regardless of whether their client is a buyer or a seller. The agent must know when to waive contingencies or lower the purchase price.

They Are Inexperienced In Your Price Range

If you want to buy a house worth millions, it is not advisable to work with a real estate agent who is experienced at selling $200,000 only. The real estate agent you choose should be experienced at the selling or buying a home in your price range.

They Are Unresponsive

Does your real estate agent keep missing your calls? If so, then you need to find another agent. You need to work with someone who is responsive to all forms of communication like text, email, or phone. Great houses tend to go quickly in hot markets and if there is a property that you want to see, then you need to have a Myrtle Beach realtor who can be contacted at all times.

They Are Not Proactive

Even if this is not your first time to sell or buy a home, your real estate agent must be proactive in making sure that you are on course. He or she must make sure that you never miss out on any buying or selling opportunities. Your agent must always be prepared and diligent in making sure that your financing has been preapproved and you have a home inspector on standby.

Call Full Potential Real Estate if you are looking for a reliable real estate agent who can help you buy or sell a home.

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