buying a Myrtle Beach homeLooking to purchase a Myrtle Beach home in 2023 and you’re overwhelmed by options? You’d like a location that includes a nice spacious yard … however, beware! You may experience some unforeseen landscaping issues. Although they may not be offer breakers, the following landscape issues can effectively add to the cost of your Myrtle Beach home purchase price, along with adding a heaping helping of hassle.

Landscape Issues To Watch Out For When Buying A Myrtle Beach Home

Big Gorgeous Trees

In the Myrtle Beach area, large oak trees are beautiful and charming. They can be key factors when looking for a home to buy in Myrtle Beach. However, an extremely shady yard will make it hard to grow anything but trees. Turf, many flowers, veggies, and such require sun in order to prosper. Even worse, a large tree implies an expansive root system which can cause problems with underground water and sewage pipes. In addition, the roots can lift or crack driveways and sidewalks and contribute to foundation damage. As we experienced last fall with Hurricane Matthew, large trees can be uprooted and cause damage to roofs and crack windows.

A Completely Flat Yard

While a backyard that’s as flat as the proverbial pancake would make trimming the lawn a lot easier, this benefit typically comes at a cost. The soil surrounding your dream house structure will get filled during heavy rain unless the ground slopes gently downward away from the house, with a minimum drop of approximately 6 inches for every 10 horizontal feet of yard. When there is standing water it will seep into the concrete and can cause foundation fractures which can be a big expense. In most instances, insurance will not cover the cost.

A Steeply Sloping Lawn

The reverse of the previous issue, an excessively sloped yard can be as bothersome as a flat one. Slopes of more than forty inches for every ten feet will wear down the soil. This will make producing a lush lawn tough and might lead to gullies causing loss of soil and possible damage to the foundation which will make the structure vulnerable to collapse. Plan to budget for maintenance items like retaining walls, dry creek bed, or terracing if your mind is set on buying a Myrtle Beach home with a sloping lawn.

Patches Of Brown, Yellow, Or Bright Green Turf

A lawn that resembles a patchwork quilt might be the result of one of a variety of factors. Abnormally green or yellow spots could be the result of neighborhood stray dogs using the grass as their individual release area. Or it could indicate something more serious, like rocks under the ground or even a harmful chemical spill. Brown circles, also known as “fairy rings,” suggest fungi in the soil, which might need removal and replacement of the affected location. Lastly, splotches of brilliant green growth might be reasonably innocent– the result of irregular yard fertilizer application– or a warning for septic tank failure.

A Swimming Pool

Buying a house complete with your very own private pool might look like the ultimate high-end however facts be told, this hardscape feature may wind up being more problem than it’s worth. A backyard pool takes up a great deal of functional backyard space and you should budget for additional monthly upkeep costs such as electricity for the pump to filter the water, time for vacuuming, chemical balancing and sanitizing, and optionally, heating the pool. Some additional expenses to consider are security fencing, an increase in property taxes, and additional insurance protection.

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