Sell home Myrtle BeachYou want your listing agent to visit your home as you clean, declutter, and depersonalize it. You can show off the newly-spruced space to your agent and discuss with them how to get your home sold. This is also the perfect time to discuss price.

What you need to know about housing prices

Real estate is a dynamic market. Home prices are affected by a number of factors. Mortgage rates are a key factor in determining whether a potential buyer can afford to buy a house. The number of homes available and the number buyers who want those houses are also factors. We are still in a sellers market which means there are more buyers looking for homes than there are home available. As interest rates rise, this could change.

It’s not hard to understand why sellers overprice their homes when you combine an ever-changing market with emotional attachment. This can lead to homes sitting on the market for far too long. Your Myrtle Beach real estate agent knows your local market well. Your agent will use comparisons to similar homes (comps) that have sold to determine the correct price for your home. Comps are recently sold homes with the same dimensions, the same number and type of bedrooms, and the same location as your home. Your agent can also perform a market study to ensure that your home’s price is comparable with the neighborhood.

Your real estate agent will suggest a price based upon those comps and  the market analysis. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide the final price of your home. Take emotion out of your decision and try to look at the home objectively. You love it. Your home is filled with many wonderful memories. Your home is priceless to you because you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into it over the years. Buyers won’t be attached to these things. They look at the condition, space and location of the house. If your home is too expensive, they will walk away.

How to create a home listing

list home for saleAfter you have determined the price of your home, it is time to take pictures. You’ve probably already done the cleaning and staging and your house is ready for a camera. Take some time to upgrade your home, clear out space, and arrange furniture, if it’s not ready for the spotlight. Walk around your home (inside and outside) to make sure that everything is neatly arranged. That dish towel over the sink might be an eye sore in kitchen pictures, so remove it. Close the cabinet doors and lower the lids of the toilets. Also, put away bicycles, rakes or lawn mowers.

The listing description is next. You can work with your agent to create the listing descriptions. You know your house better than anyone else and can describe its unique features beyond the number of rooms and square footage. You don’t have to be a writer! It’s not necessary to be William Shakespeare in order to write a good property description. Here are a few tips:

It’s not necessary to list all of the details. You don’t have to include every fact. The MLS will show the number of rooms, bathrooms, the year of construction, and the lot size. So, unless you’re highlighting something unique (for instance, if the home is on a corner or sits higher than other homes in the neighborhood), it’s not necessary to list all the facts. Focus on the special features of the home (finished basements, pools, fireplaces, etc.).

List the improvements. List the upgrades. You agent will know which upgrades will attract buyers’ attention, but you should also point out recent improvements that may not be so obvious.

Be specific. If you say, for instance, that your home is located in a forest, it doesn’t give much information. If you say that it’s one block away from a nature preserve, the reader will instantly get a feel for the area. Give details instead of “house with porch”. For example, “two-story Victorian-style house with a wraparound porch.” List the brand names of appliances, particularly if they’re high-end. Do the same with cabinetry, chandeliers and flooring from highly desirable brands.

Do not make it too short. Your property description should be around 250 words. If you make your description too short, it won’t be as detailed. But if you make it too long, potential buyers may lose interest. Use real estate buzzwords. Use some descriptive words that are popular with realtors.

Truthfulness is important. Don’t describe your home as “open concept” if it isn’t. Any feature can be viewed positively. Your home might not have an open concept but you may still have a dedicated living space with private, cozy alcoves that are ideal for relaxing.

Avoid excessive capitalization or punctuation. This is because !!!!! IS ANNOYING. It looks sloppy! You can convey excitement or urgency by using your words. Your listing will still look better and you’ll still be able to grab the attention of your reader.

List Your Items in a Creative Way

listing home for saleConsider including drone footage in your property listing. A drone can be used to take aerial video and stills, which will give buyers a better idea of the home and its surroundings. Virtual reality (VR), or 3D tours, are great for marketing your home. These types of tours allow a buyer to “walk” around your home and get a better sense of its layout.

Social media can be a very powerful marketing tool. Post about your house on social media beyond what your agent does. Sometimes a friend’s friend knows someone who is looking for a home in your area. You shouldn’t overlook the old-fashioned method of word-of mouth. Tell people about your move when they ask you how you are doing. Also, let them know that you will be selling your house. You never know when you’ll find a buyer.

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