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Real Estate Myrtle BeachOne of the most crucial concepts for getting the Myrtle Beach home of your dreams is to find out why the seller is selling. More than that though, you need to discover the seller’s motivation for every element of the selling process. In other words, discover not just why he wants to sell, but likewise why he wishes to sell a particular fashion, why he wants the price he is asking, exactly what’s important to him when making decisions, and more.

Expect individual motivators, too. Is the seller more inspired by what she sees or by what she hears? Is she more inspired by the guarantee of a fast sale, or a high selling amount? Listen for clues.

A seller who constantly states, “I see” is most likely more visually oriented and encouraged. You wish to show such a seller the benefits of your deal. Don’t just explain the deal, draw out on paper why it can work for you both.

Declarations like “I simply do not want any problems,” or “I just want to get this over with” suggest she is more motivated to avoid tension than by favorable outcome. In this case, you would wish to make the process as easy as you can for the seller. You might likewise recommend that this is her possibility to “be done” with selling.

Early in your Myrtle Beach real estate negotiations, gather any information you can on the seller’s motivations, then choose how to utilize this info. For example, I have a friend who likes to see himself as a wise arbitrator. Letting him “win” a lot of small concessions is a sure way to get exactly what you want in the long run. Use a seller’s own incentives, as well as their own words. If they say “I comprehend” a lot, then begin a declaration with “I believe you comprehend why …”

If you are the seller you can discover what motivates a buyer. If you discover that a purchaser of your house wants to be able to tell his friends exactly what a fantastic price he got, press hard on every other area. Get the terms you want, have him pay all the closing expenses, etc. Take the attitude that if he’ll give you exactly what you desire, he’ll get what he desires.

A little more diplomacy is called for most of the time, of course. You can’t simply state “Oh, you want that? Then offer me this.” Negotiate hard in all areas, however let him “win” the concessions he desires from you, and downplay what you have actually won. You’ll both be better in the end. There are essential concepts associated with real estate negotiation, however you can’t go wrong beginning with an understanding of a seller’s motivations.

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