listing agentLet’s say you need complex surgery. Your insurance policy allows you to choose any local surgeon. No matter who you choose, they will all charge the same amount. Will you choose the one who has just completed his/her residency? Or, will you choose to go with someone who has been providing medical services for many years? While selling your home isn’t a decision that will make or break your life, it is an important financial transaction. You should give yourself enough time to research the best agent to help you reach your financial goals.

What look for in a trustworthy and reliable listing agent

Years of Experience

John Hayes, a psychologist and expert identified 500 masterworks from thousands of symphonies created between 1685-1899. Only 76 composers, including Mozart, created the 500 symphonies. All but three of these composers had been in the music business for more than a decade. Hayes called this decade of hard work and education “a decade in silence”, which he found was applicable to poets, artists, and other professionals. A second study revealed that experts can become experts in their chosen field if they have worked at least 10,000 hours. What does all this mean? It is simple: a professional must practice a lot to become an expert in a particular field.

The best Myrtle Beach listing agents don’t become master negotiators or marketers by working only nights or weekends. A listing agent who can sell your property quickly and at a fair price will spend the time to research the current housing market and local economy to determine the effects on their client and the property. This part of their business has been perfected and refined over the years by many negotiation strategies.

Ask Questions

It is important to know how the agent will handle your questions. Remember that both new and experienced home sellers may have questions about the listing process as well as the selling process. An agent who is knowledgeable will explain the entire process in plain English to make it easy for you. Full Potential Real Estate is a great resource to help you make this process easier.

Make a Plan that Works

Listing agents have many responsibilities. This includes marketing. You should ensure that the agent you hire has a solid marketing plan. It is also important that he has the financial resources to execute it. Ask the potential agent to provide a list of all three properties with photos. These must be concise and persuasive. Also, make sure to read the comments of the agent on each listing. Does it look appealing? Real estate agents can use a variety of strategies to get you to list your property. You should choose the one that you feel most comfortable with, and who you believe is best able to market your property.

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a listing agent

listing agent mistakesYou need to set different priorities when looking for someone to help you price, list, and sell your house.

They don’t know what they’re up against.

You’re not looking for a friend or agent with the patience and time to help your husband or wife. You need to be able to negotiate and market your home quickly and for the highest price. When you’re looking for a listing agent to represent you, make sure they have a proven track record of getting you the results you want. They must be able to think clearly and have a strong personality.

They don’t understand their responsibilities.

Most sellers who have had bad experiences with their homes will have seen their houses go unnoticed on the market. Sometimes, they have even been sold at a lower price than expected. Sometimes the listing agent is not to blame. The listing agent may be responsible for a failure in marketing, the lack of photos when the house was posted online, or perhaps the property wasn’t fully exposed to the public.

Most fatal flaws result from the sellers or sellers not following the agent’s advice. They didn’t ask the right questions or they didn’t bother to ask. Talking to a listing agent is a great way to keep your attention on the important things, such as selling your house. Don’t let your conversation get too complicated that you forget to check and ask for the most crucial information points. You should ask about the number and type of listings they have, how many homes are competing for your property, the average price of their listings to sell, and how long their current listings have been on the market.

They do not check references.

Like the other items on the listing, potential agents often give references to sellers. Only a handful of sellers call to verify their references. You can either list the questions you have or ask them about their experience working with Myrtle Beach listing agents. Most listing agents will provide a list with references that will speak highly of them. You should always ask them for more details.

They don’t read the contract.

Sometimes sellers get frustrated with their listing agent, and want to end their relationship. However, they find out that their contract locks them in for an extended time. There are also agreements that specify that the seller must pay the commission to the agent if the seller receives an offer that meets certain criteria or if the seller finds the buyer themselves. What does this all mean? Before signing the listing agreement, sellers must read it. Ask the agent for clarifications and don’t sign until you have fully understood it.

You should only work with the best listing agents if you’re looking for one. Contact Full Potential Real Estate today.

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