homes for sale myrtle beachNot everyone is convinced that 2023 we will see record-breaking home prices. However, this year isn’t really that bad when you come to think of it. According to industry experts, it’s a lot better to sell your home this year than in 2020 for example. Your real estate agent would likely advise you the same. Statistics for the next year and the year after that are a bit murky because of the presidential race. However, there isn’t any solid data that points towards a solid price growth. That’s one of the reasons why you should consider making that last-minute move and sell while there’s still time.

Reasons you should put your house in the market now:

Get in touch with your listing agent now to quickly put up your home on the market. It is predicted the second half of 2023, home prices will slow down. The slump is partially caused by the rising interest rates set forth by the Federal Reserve. Last year, home prices had significant progress.  That’s another reason that you may want to sell now. Home prices are relatively on the high side. Waiting another year or so would only buy you time but no guarantee that during which home prices would be higher.

New buyers are still coming in despite the sluggish growth on home prices, a lot of new buyers are still entering the market. Selling now is still a practical option. Asking your listing agent to put your home on the market will prove to be a wise decision. According to a survey with U.S. residents done in the early part of this year, almost a quarter of the respondents said they would consider buying a home in 2023. That’s still a significant number considering the fact that home prices are close to their prime a few years back. Interest rates are still on the low side despite interest rates rising last yea. It’s highly unlikely that we will see a spike this year. That ultimately means that interest rates will be at a standstill which means buyers might see it as an opportunity to buy a home. Again, interest rates in 2023 are still unknown. That factor alone could boost the number of home buyers which adds to the confidence of people planning to sell their home. Of course, none of this would be possible if you don’t have a trusty Myrtle Beach real estate agent at your side.

Selling in 2023 is still better than in 2022 What are the odds of home prices picking up in 2023? There’s little speculation that home prices would see steady growth next year or if any at all. Given this lack of enthusiasm from the market, sellers are stuck in the middle. However, if you don’t want to deal with uncertainty and miss out on your future endeavors, it’s best to sell your home now.

Invest in a reliable realtor like Full Potential Real Estate, LLC. A good realtor would give you better chances at selling your home especially during crucial periods of the year.

Tips for Selling your Home Fast In Myrtle Beach

home selling tipsYou need to prepare your home for the market if you want to sell your home fast. There are often many homes for sale at the same time, so you need yours to stand apart from the rest. There is much more to do than to decide to sell your home and to decide on a price. You need to find out if you want to work with a real estate agent or do it alone. Realistically, if you don’t have the time to return all the calls and emails about it or a flexible schedule to show the home you will do better with a real estate agent to represent you.

It’s a big issue to present you home. Both the outside and inside of the home need to be very clean and tended to in appearance. You need to accent the positive so that anyone driving by feels the urge to come in to take a look around as well. Get rid of items in the home that make it appear to be cluttered. The more open space you can offer the better they will view it when they are looking around.

Personal items may make your house a home to you, but not to prospective buyers. In fact, those mementos that make it uniquely yours may be too much for them. They can’t visualize the home as their own because they are seeing too much of the current owner in it. Try to remove as many of these personal items as you can so that they don’t feel that way. For example take your wedding picture off the shelf and replace it with a healthy plant.

Know what your home is worth and what you owe on it before you attempt to sell it. That way you will know if you can be flexible on the price or if you need to stand firm. If you are willing to look at reasonable offers that come your way, then you will have a better chance of selling your home fast. If you are holding out for that magic number, it can sit for months or even a year before selling.

Take the time to fix up your home as well. A couple of coats of paint on the walls doesn’t cost much or take more than a day or two. Yet it can be a huge selling your home point for prospective buyers. When they feel they can buy a home and move it without having to do any work they are more apt to do so. A fixer upper isn’t the ideal dream home for most consumers out there. If someone points out that there is a loose step, the power doesn’t work in an electrical outlet, or the light bulb in the closet is burned out, do yourself a favor and get them taken care of immediately.

Spreading the word is very important as well. You may have a lovely home for the right price, but people just don’t know about it. Use as many methods of advertising as you can. Many of them are free too. For example you can post fliers and tell your friends. They can help you network and get interested parties coming your way.

A combination of all of these efforts will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your house to sell. It can be a tough market at times when the economy is in a slump or interest rates are high. However, if you do all you can to put the odds in your favor then you will be completely free of your obligation to that home before you know it.

For best results, contact a real estate agent before you decide to list your home. Cheryl Woodward will be happy to give you more tips on how to sell your home quickly.

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