Selling A Home In The Midst Of Coronavirus

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Everything has become harder to accomplish in the middle of this global pandemic. Even selling homes became increasingly sluggish with rates going down steadily. According to realtor.com, new listings plummeted by 29% annually while total real estate supply saw a 19% drop. In this dire situation, is it even worth it to sell your home? Is it even possible to get people to take notice of what you have to offer?

Selling a home while facing a pandemic

With social distancing measures and stay at home orders in place, people have very limited options when it comes to selling their property. This pandemic that we’re facing has put a barrier in between everything which is why selling a home must be done through inventive means that were not done before. Any Myrtle Beach real estate expert would tell you to take your listings online. Not only that, but there are also other methods that can be used to get your home in the market and have it sold.

Staging a home matters most nowadays

A lot of sellers have never bothered much about staging their homes. Last year, you could get away with getting a nice price for a home without the hardest attempts at staging. However, that was all back in the day. Now, you would have to do more to sell a home. That means staging is the new norm.

Even if there’s nobody physically visiting your home, you should still invest in staging your home. There are software applications that can be used to make 3D tours of your home. You can check your real estate agent about this matter should you draw a blank. It’s all about proper presentation and having an online presence. Nowadays, everything is done online and there’s nothing we can do about it than embrace the trend.

Online staging is not going away

Scientists are still a long way to developing a cure for coronavirus. Even if they did manage to make one, it would take years or months before a vaccine can be given to every single person in the nation. With that in mind, the importance of social media platforms and other online outlets have never been more highlighted. Hosting a Facebook live and touring your home reaches more people than you would have initially thought of.

Hiring help

It is very important to note the services of a real estate expert like Full Potential Real Estate. Now that the real estate market is shifting digitally, you will be needing the assistance of a real estate agent. Being digital does not discount their expertise in the field. They too are moving their resources online to cater to their clients much better. Should you need help with staging a home, buying a property, or putting your real estate in the market, you should always consider hiring the services of an expert. You will always end up getting a better deal than you would on your own.

Are you looking to sell your home but finding it hard due to coronavirus? Call Full Potential Real Estate today and we’ll help you out!

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