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Walking through Myrtle Beach homes for sale is not sufficient for buyers to see all the flaws the house has. Although you as a buyer are already aware that the house you are buying is not perfect, you still want to have it inspected by a professional home inspector to be sure which areas need repairs and replacement. Any real estate agent would recommend you to do so.

Although the results of a home inspection can help you to possibly lower the final price of the house or obtain discounts from the seller, a home inspection is also a way for you to get to know your future home better. Because having Myrtle Beach homes for sale professionally inspected is an additional expense in a real estate purchase, you only want to do this when you are very sure about your choice of house.

To maximize the benefits of a home inspection, here are some tips that you can consider the following.

Hire a licensed and trained inspector – Make sure the inspector that you will hire is licensed and trained. If you do not know where to look, you can ask for recommendations from your real estate agent. You should hire an inspector that has experience with the same type of house as to the one you are buying. Moreover, the inspector should provide you with objective observations on the house and should not make you worry about the results of the inspection. Full Potential Real Estate recommends hiring a reputable inspector for the task.

Write down your questions and concerns – As you go through the house for the first time, you will surely have a lot of questions, which an inspector can help you answer. Write down your questions on a piece of paper and bring it with you when you meet with the inspector. It helps if you discuss these with the inspector before the actual inspection so the inspector knows what he specifically needs to focus on when he goes through the house. You could ask your buyers agent to help you find a reliable inspector if you haven’t already found one.

Ask if you can go along in the inspection – There are inspectors who prefer to work alone but there are also others who will allow the home buyers to go with them in the inspection. Your Myrtle Beach real estate agent would also advise you to go along with the inspector if you have the time. Ask your inspector politely if you can go with him in the inspection. This makes it easier for both of you to discuss the results of the inspection since you were there to witness it firsthand. Plus, coming along with the inspection gives you the opportunity to learn more about the Myrtle Beach homes for sale that you are considering buying. Thus, you know where to go or what to do should there be an emergency.

Create a maintenance plan – There is another good use for the results of the inspection other than lowering the price of the house. After the inspection, the report that you will receive from the inspector can help you to create a maintenance plan for the house.

Keep in mind that certain parts of a house can easily break down or wear out when no one is using and maintaining them. Some of the necessary maintenance tasks that an average home needs include replacing or cleaning plumbing valves, changing the filter in the HVAC system, and monitoring leaks.

Depending on the results of the inspection, you will know which areas need regular maintenance and what your home will need to ensure its efficiency in the future. More specifically, you will know what you need to in the coming months to keep your home in the utmost condition. Knowing this now will also allow you to prepare for it financially.

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real estate agentConsidering the wide and easy access to listing information and historical data about homes for sale via the internet, you might not think about working with a real estate agent. You can easily get a hold of all the information that you need about the house you are considering buying by simply searching through the internet.

Despite this, you still need to work with a realtor. Here are the top reasons why.

  1. You do not know what to do next. If this is your first time buying a home, it is even more important for you to consider working with a real estate agent. Even if you have researched about the house you are thinking of buying and have introduced yourself to the seller, you have no idea what to do next to best secure and close the deal. If you work with a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent, they will assist you in the following steps toward buying and owning the house.

Keep in mind that realtors belong to a professional network that makes it easy for them to secure certifications and referrals, get quick approval on loans and mortgages and obtain the necessary information to help entice the seller to sell the house to you. These connections, skills, and knowledge have been obtained by an agent who has gone through extensive years of training and experience in helping buyers purchase their dream homes.

  1. The house you want to buy looks too good to be true. If you have found the house that you want to buy but you think it looks too good to be true, you definitely need professional assistance from a realtor like Full Potential Real Estate. An example of a house that looks too good to be true is one that is appropriately priced considering the neighborhood but has been in the listings for months now. If you think to talk to the listing agent will clarify your qualms about the house, you need to think again. Do not forget that the listing agent is the seller’s agent. Thus, he will only tell you details and information that will further prompt you into buying the house.

The only way for you to be sure there are no hidden flaws in the house you are considering buying, you need the assistance of a buyers agent. Most of the time, the listing agent or the seller’s agent will hold back information about the house especially if it will make you think twice about proceeding with the purchase. Your realtor will provide you with all the information that you need to confirm that the house is indeed a great deal. Do not forget that realtors belong to a network where they can easily access information about homes for sale.

  1. You are currently in a financial crisis. If you unexpectedly found yourself in a financial crisis while you are in the middle of your purchase process, a realtor can help you accelerate the purchase process so that you can move away from your old house and start a new with your new dream home. The skills and connections of a realtor especially help in quickly obtaining necessary and helpful information about the house as well as approvals for licenses and loans, where applicable. Working with a realtor, you no longer need to spend hours studying the market and scouring website after website to look for information that can help you get a better and more informed decision about the home purchase.

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Tips On How To Sell Your Property Online

real estate agentA lot of U.S. states have implemented social distancing guidelines which makes it harder for the normal real estate practices to resume. Selling or buying a house isn’t like what it was a few months back. Nowadays, most real estate agent and sellers are have innovated, making full use of the internet and platforms that provide a gateway for both parties to continue the business. However, not everyone is aware of how to fully exploit online home selling.

Here are ways you can sell your home online:

  1. Find a reliable real estate agent that you can trust

Establishing this first step is essential. You must take into account the fact that you can’t do everything on your own. Micromanaging is fine but it won’t make selling your home any faster. You need to find a helping hand that you can rely on. Of course, don’t just hire any Myrtle Beach real estate agent, you should hire the best. Since COVID-19 has disrupted the real estate market, here are a bunch of factors to consider when hiring a real estate agent:

  • They must have experience in selling property virtually.
  • They must use specialized software.
  • A solid market plan is necessary
  • A clear line of communication between you, them, and the buyers.
  1. List your home online

Nowadays, conventional house viewing will no longer suffice. You might need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures and videos of your property. You then have them edited and listed online. It will also be useful to host online meetings via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other conferencing platform. This will help you and potential buyers to reach a deal without even leaving the front door.

  1. Keep your home presentable

Even though the listing will be done online, it is imperative that the house be cleaned and made presentable at all times. This is to ensure that any online conferencing be done in the best way possible. Taking live videos of your home would also be more enticing to buyers if it was clean and everything is in place.

  1. Have your home inspected

You will still need to have your home checked by a home inspector. However, it won’t be the same as usual. You could opt to have your home inspected without you being there. Also, social distancing and other health safety protocols must be applied. If the inspector does not have any protocols in place, give them yours.

  1. Assessing home value

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has allowed for home appraisals beyond what is normally used. Alternative appraisals are not used. Even the home inspector’s report can be used to gauge the value of your property. You could hire the Full Potential Real Estate, LLC to help you with this part of the process.

  1. Filtering potential buyers

According to the National Association of Realtors, a listing agent may limit showings to pre-qualified buyers. However, this will only be possible through the proper procedures which are to ask buyers for a pre-qualification letter.

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Real Estate Agent Myrtle BeachAside from not working with a real estate agent, there are other mistakes that most homebuyers commit when buying real estate. Unfortunately, these mistakes often cost a lot and cause homebuyers to waste money, time, and effort. Keep in mind that a real estate investment is one of the biggest forms of investment an individual makes in his entire life. Thus, homebuyers cannot afford to make the following mistakes.

Not working with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent

The importance of working with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent when buying a house cannot be stressed enough. Despite what homebuyers do, the success of a real estate purchase depends greatly on the professional assistance provided by realty agents. Yes, it is true that some home buyers are better negotiators than real estate professionals, but it cannot be ignored that these professionals know the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

  • Real estate professionals know the most cost-efficient locations to buy a house.
  • They can obtain access to useful information about the neighborhood where homebuyers are looking to buy.
  • They know who to talk to in order to speed up the process of your mortgage loan application.
  • And they know how to persuade sellers and their agents.

There are a lot of things that realty professionals like Full Potential Real Estate can do to help homebuyers purchase their dream homes without difficulty and financial stress. Those homebuyers who opt to work alone could buy their dream homes, but they will not likely have the luxury of buying it in the terms and budget that they are comfortable with.

Pursuing a house because of its décor

Keep in mind that the decorations inside the house are there to complement or highlight the layout, structure, and style of the house; thus, effectively persuading homebuyers to buy the house. On the other hand, homebuyers should understand that decorations are not always included in the deal unless declared by the seller or owner of the house.

Relying on home-buying decisions in the décor and interior design of the house is never a good idea because these decorations can be replaced. And the design of the house can always be changed by the homeowner. Thus, homebuyers will be able to make better home buying decisions if they look at the current condition and overall layout and structure of the house.

Learning more about the neighborhood

Homebuyers should understand that they are not only buying a house when making a real estate investment. The neighborhood where the house they are looking to buy is located plays a huge role in ensuring their comfort and security while living in the house. This is especially true if homebuyers have kids. They would want their kids to live in a safe and peaceful neighborhood.

This is why it is extremely important for homebuyers to learn more about the neighborhood where they are buying before making a home buying decision. They should conduct research about the neighborhood and check to confirm whether everything they need is accessible, such as parks and entertainment centers for the kids, a good school, and many others. Homebuyers can seek assistance from a buyers agent to obtain necessary information about the neighborhood.

Choosing an expensive house

Even if homebuyers have the money, they should hold off in buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood. This is especially true if they are looking to resell the house after several years. The primary reason for this is because home values often change over time. An expensive house now may depreciate after several years. If looking to profit from a real estate investment, industry experts recommend buying an average house and making necessary improvements and repairs to increase its value.

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Real Estate Agent: Why Buy In Myrtle Beach?

People ask a lot of questions about real estate investments in Myrtle Beach. The area is a great place to invest. You can do all sorts of things with the property that you can find in this area. Another great reason to make investments here is the consistent volume of tourists all year round. Reach out to a local real estate agent for some useful advice. Here are some of the FAQs about real estate in Myrtle Beach that might help you out:

Frequently asked questions answered by real estate agents

When it the best time to sell my property?

First of all, it’s not mainly about the perfect timing to sell but rather the goals that you have in mind. Timing is only a fraction of making good investments. Bear in mind that you will be selling for a reason. People who choose to carefully time buying or selling end up losing. Be mindful of what you need, what you are aiming for, and when you need the deal to be done. That’s the basic rule that anyone wanting to invest in real estate should follow. You could ask your local Myrtle Beach real estate agent for assistance with the specifics.

Will FSBO work?

The sort answer is, yes. For sale by owner usually works out for the seller. Most of the time, owners do this to cut to the chase. No hassle and just straight up selling. That’s what the main point of FSBO is. The good thing is that a lot of investors in Myrtle Beach don’t want to pass up on such deals. Usually, Owners who forgo hiring a realtor are willing to trim a fraction of the price to easily dispose of the asset.

Why do some properties fail to sell?

There can be a number of reasons why this will happen. First of all, not all properties are the same. Some are in good condition and others might not be that enticing for buyers. Of course, any homeowner wanting to sell their property would make the necessary preparations for the sale. Those who don’t go through this process usually end up with no interested parties. Here are some reasons why properties don’t sell:

Condition – the condition of the property or home is the primary aspect that buyers will be looking into. If the house is not in good condition or if there is a great need for repair, buyers will easily shy away from making any bids.

Pricing – the second major factor in real estate deals is the price. Even if it is established that the house is in reasonable or good condition, if the price isn’t right, there will be no deal to be made. Always remember that both parties are only willing to negotiate if the price is right.

Marketing – of course, the last factor that would contribute to a sale is marketing. Without proper real estate facilities, you won’t be able to sell your property easily. You should get in touch with real estate experts such as Full Potential Real Estate, LLC should you want to sell or buy a home in no time.

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How Real Estate In Myrtle Beach Works

We often hear about the term real estate but what does it actually mean? When we refer to real estate that means the property itself, the building, the land, and rights to the air, above and below ground. Another thing that we associate with the term real estate is the buying and or selling of properties. It’s common knowledge that real estate transactions normally involve sales or procurement.

Here’s a better explanation of what real estate is and how it works

  1. Residential real estate – these refer to new or resale homes. There are various types of residential real estate. Among the most popular are single-family homes. You may also find other types such as condominiums, townhouses, duplex, vacation homes, and more. In general, residential real estates are the type of property where people live in. These are also the properties that you would normally need to enlist the help of a real estate agent.
  1. Commercial real estate – as the name suggests, commercial real estate is the property that is used for commercial use. Malls, hotels, offices, medical and educational buildings are some of the examples of commercial real estate. Apartment buildings, despite being areas for human inhabitation, are considered commercial real estate due to the fact that they generate income out of the tenants renting the properties.
  1. Industrial real estate – these are the properties where buildings for factories and warehouses are erected. Such buildings could either be used for research, production, storage, and distribution of goods. However, some distribution facilities are sometimes considered commercial real estate. However, this mainly depends on the zoning rules in the area.
  1. Land – these include either ranches, farms, or vacant land. Subcategories for vacant land include properties that are still undeveloped, in the early developmental stages or are up for reuse.

How does the real estate market function?

This is the part where it gets complicated. If you are buying or selling a property, you should always consult a Myrtle Beach real estate agent. In the United States, the real estate market is a driving force that affects the entire economy of the nation. Any spike or slump in the real estate market will have a major impact on the U.S. economy.

Seller’s agent – these are real estate agents that work on your behalf, finding potential buyers for your property. They are also responsible for fetching your property at the best price possible. They also participate in the negotiations with the buyer and the seller. Other than that, a seller’s agent also makes sure that the seller gets the most satisfying price for the property.

Buyer’s agent – a buyer’s agent does the opposite of a seller’s agent. A buyer’s agent will facilitate the procurement of the property. These types of real estate agents act on behalf of the buyer. The buyer’s agent is responsible for making sure that the buyer finds that he or she is looking for and at a reasonable price range. Regardless of whether you’re selling or buying a property, it is best to get in touch with industry experts such as Full Potential Real Estate, LLC.

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First Time Homeowners List Of Essentials From Your Realtor

It’s not uncommon for first-time homeowners to struggle with moving into their new home. In fact, there are a lot of things that you will need to do in order to make the transition easier and moving in a breeze. You could ask your realtor for assistance regarding the matter. Real estate agents normally have a lot of experience when it comes to these things and they probably encountered a lot of first-time homeowners which make them the perfect candidate to seek help from. Other than that, here are some other things that you can do to make sure that moving in is a lot easier:

Realtors can actually help you beyond getting a good property deal

The basics – if you can’t get all your things in one go or if you have some touchups in mind before you move in, you should bring with you the basics. When we say the “basics”, these refer to the essential items that you will be needing. You could ask your realtor for some helpful insights. First, you should have a bed or any alternative, linens, a table or two, chairs, and other things that you deem necessary. Again, this should only be done when you can’t or haven’t found movers to haul everything from your old place to your new home.

Cleaning supplies – aside from the main essential items that you will be needing, you should bring with you some cleaning supplies. Unless the home you will be moving into has been cleaned and is fully furnished, you can skip this part. However, if you are moving into a home that needs some cleaning and restoration, be prepared. Your real estate agent will let you know about the state of the home so you could be aware. You must be able to bring with you some cleaning essentials to be certain that everything is livable and that everything is sparkling clean.

Home maintenance – again, these tips are primarily aimed at second-hand homes or older ones where maintenance is necessary. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a luxurious home where you don’t need to do anything than moving, you can ignore this tip. However, if you are a part of the majority who are moving into a second-hand home, always be ready to do some home maintenance. Again, a site visit with your Myrtle Beach real estate agent will give you a clear idea of the state of the house. However, house visits don’t normally include seeing every crevice in the home, which is the reason why you should always be prepared.

Kitchen and bathroom supplies – these are also part of the essentials that you need to bring with you. It may seem like a little bit redundant to include this in the list but these things are often forgotten and it’s a bit of a pain to have to go shopping for kitchen and bathroom supplies when you haven’t even completed your move. Anyways, you could always seek the advice of your realtor like Full Potential Real Estate, LLC. They can help you out with the basics and provide you with every bit of information you might need.

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Great Reasons To Consult A Realtor And Sell Your Home Now

Not everyone is convinced that this year we would see record-breaking home prices. However, this year isn’t really that bad when you come to think of it. According to industry experts, it’s a lot better to sell your home this year than in 2020. Your real estate agent would likely advise you the same. Statistics for the next year and the year after that are a bit murky and there isn’t any solid data that points towards a solid price growth. That’s one of the reasons why you should consider making that last-minute move and sell while there’s still time. Here are some other reasons why you should put your house in the market now:

Get in touch with your listing agent now to quickly put up your home on the market

In the second half of 2018, home prices slowed down. The slump was partially caused by the rising interest rates set forth by the Federal Reserve. This year, home prices had significant progress. Prices weren’t as high as before but it’s a huge improvement over last year. That’s another reason that you would want to sell now. Home prices are relatively on the high side. Waiting another year or so would only buy you time but no guarantee that during which home prices would be higher.

New buyers are still coming in

Despite the sluggish growth on home prices, a lot of new buyers are still entering the market. Selling now is still a practical option. Asking your listing agent to put your home on the market will prove to be a wise decision. According to a survey 2000 U.S. residents done in the early part of this year, almost a quarter of the respondents said they would consider buying a home in 2019. That’s still a significant number considering the fact that home prices aren’t close to their prime a few years back.

Interest rates are still on the low side

Despites interest rates rising last year, it’s highly unlikely that we will see a spike this year.  That ultimately means that interest rates will be at a standstill which means buyers might see it as an opportunity to buy a home. Again, interest rates in 2020 are still unknown. That factor alone could boost the number of home buyers which adds to the confidence of people planning to sell their home. Of course, none of this would be possible if you don’t have a trusty Myrtle Beach real estate agent at your side.

Selling in 2019 is still better than in 2020

What are the odds of home prices picking up in 2020? There’s little speculation that home prices would see steady growth next year or if any at all. Given this lack of enthusiasm from the market, sellers are stuck in the middle. However, if you don’t want to deal with uncertainty and miss out on your future endeavors, it’s best to sell your home now. Invest in a reliable realtor like Full Potential Real Estate, LLC. A good realtor would give you better chances at selling your home especially during crucial periods of the year.

Ask help from our reliable buying agent at Full Potential Real Estate, LLC.

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To-Do List After Purchasing A Home

After you’ve closed the deal on your new home, you should do a number of things right away. Most of the time, your real estate agent would advise you to do a couple of things after completing the paperwork. If by any chance you weren’t informed on the first few things that you should accomplish, you don’t need to worry. Here are some of the first things that must be done after purchasing a new home:

Always consult your real estate agent for everything that you don’t already know

  1. Change the locks – at a safety standpoint, you should always put changing the locks as the first priority. You don’t really know who else has a copy of the keys into your house. Unless you change them after the purchase, there’s a risk of people trespassing inside your home. Be sure to quickly purchase new locks to ensure maximum safety. Most of the time, the Myrtle Beach real estate agent that took care of the sale would advise you to do this right after the purchase.
  1. Inspect windows and doors – if you haven’t fully checked out the windows and doors in your new home, you should give it time. You might be wondering why this process is done after the purchase and not before. Do remember that there will be a number of windows in the house and you really can’t check every inch of the property in just a few sight visits. Be sure to check the windows and doors to be certain that you won’t be having any room for intruders.
  1. Inspect the smoke detectors – it’s not all the time that you need to replace the smoke detectors. Most of the time, there’s no problem or batteries need replacing. In any case, the smoke detectors must be checked to ensure that any possible fires would be contained before spreading.
  1. Plan an escape route – safety isn’t just keeping things secure inside the house. Having a safe route outside the house in case of emergencies is also quite important. After you’ve bought the house, make a plan and a safe route for your family just in case emergencies arise.
  1. Check the driveways and walkways – it’s not really much of a big deal but you should check the driveways and walkways again after the sale. Check what changed during the inspection.
  1. Double-check the inspection report – one good way of making sure that everything is accounted for is checking the inspection report. Refer to each of the reports while you are inspecting the home. This will help you in determining if there are any changes made that you were not aware of. Your buyers agent can help you out in case there are some discrepancies with what’s indicated in the report.

For expert assistance whenever you plan on either buying or selling a home, look for professionals that have a solid reputation in the industry. Experts like Full Potential Real Estate can help you out with all your real estate needs.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC if you need the help of an experienced buyer’s agent who can help you find your dream home.

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Home Repairs That Offer High ROI

Are you planning on selling your house soon? Are you worried that it may not fetch as good as a price? Don’t worry! Aside from hiring a real estate agent to help you out with the selling process, there are actually other ways to boost the value of your house. Here are some ways on how you could generate more value for your home:

A real estate agent is helpful if you want a good appraisal for your home

If you’re looking for some magic formula that can increase the value of your home overnight, you should stop. There isn’t any fixed formula that can help you. Home repairs are not a guarantee either and especially if you’re doing it wrong. However, if you figure out which type of repairs are better than others, you might just end up with better value than what you started with.

  1. Switching back to hardwood floors – if you’ve had carpeting done over your existing hardwood floors, it would be a good decision to revert back to your original flooring. As we all know, hardwood floors have been around for ages. Not only that, hardwood floors don’t really lose that much value even nowadays. That’s why any Myrtle Beach real estate agent you ask will tell you to revert to hardwood floors as it’s much easier to sell homes with this type of flooring.
  1. A fresh coat of paint – painting your walls and ceilings will offer a lot of value for your home. However, do make sure that you get the right shade of paint. Some colors are a little bit too much for some people. You will want to go with neutral colors that are easy on the eyes. Of course, have it done professionally to avoid any problems later on.
  1. Be strategic with remodeling – remodeling projects will greatly improve the value of your house. However, this is only true if the remodeling is done properly. Of course, remodeling comes a lot of planning. You just don’t want dated designs for remodeling. Home improvement projects normally aim for designs that don’t easily go out of style. Also, you might want to hire a remodeling company to aid with the process. When it comes to remodeling, avoid any DIY. Always deal with professionals to avoid costly mistakes.
  1. Talk to your buyers agent – your realtor should know everything there is to it when it comes to selling your home. It’s always a good idea to have a word with your realtor before making any changes. He or she will know the ins and outs of the market and how to make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Aside from all of these, always consult professional real estate companies like Full Potential Real Estate, LLC. Having experts by your side will make the sale a lot easier. Aside from that, you would also get the best price for your home. So when you’re mulling about the sale of your property, consider hiring professionals to ensure that you get the most value.

Call Full Potential Real Estate if you want to work only with the best, trustworthy, and experienced real estate agent in Myrtle Beach.

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