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Tips For Selling Your Home In A “Hot Market”

selling a homeA hot market might be interpreted as easy money and quick sales for real estate sellers. A hot market is one that has low inventory and lots of buyers searching for the perfect home. A hot market can often result in a quicker sale and a higher asking price. There also are some downfalls falls that house sellers in hot markets need to be aware of before the money starts rolling in.

Stage Your Home and Property

A hot market means that homes with quirky or outdated features sell faster than usual. Buyers become more desperate to buy a home and are more open to overlooking cosmetic flaws and may even be willing to pay more for repairs such as a roof or windows that are old.

Sellers in hot markets have a greater chance of selling their home “as is” without needing to make major renovations. You, the seller, should discuss with your agent whether you make significant repairs to the property before it is listed.

Even in a hot market, home staging is a good idea. Staging is the best way to get multiple offers for your property immediately after it has been listed. Buyers are motivated by emotions and first impressions in a hot market and need to act quickly. Staging your home is a great way to get someone to fall in love. It will make it stand out from other houses and offer it an advantage over others that may be on the market.

You don’t have to stage if you are unable to. However, it is a good idea to de-clutter and clean the property thoroughly before showing it.

Place your disclosure and other paperwork in order

Hot market properties tend to sell faster and have shorter deadlines in the contract. You need to be ready to present all information regarding your home to potential buyers immediately. To ensure that buyers get a complete picture of your property, you should have it inspected before listing it.

Before the house goes on sale, make sure you have all your disclosure documents ready. A buyer will be more comfortable making an offer if you, the seller, are fully prepared to sell.

You or your agent may also want to set up a title company depending on the market. While many contracts allow buyers to choose the title company, it is helpful to have a reliable, efficient title company “on hold” for them so that the process can move faster towards closing. While a buyer may still wish to change the title company they choose, most buyers will simply go with the seller’s preferred title company.


Marketing your House: Don’t Forget the Professionals

In a hot market, many sellers will be open to selling by owner. Although there may be many buyers for the house, it is important that sellers don’t give up on professional expertise. Find a Myrtle Beach real estate agent for help with your contracts.

Buyers are more inclined to hire an agent to find homes to sell if there is a shortage of inventory. This can be either immediately after listing or before the property goes on the market. Agents are usually looking for new listings through their portal  or speaking with other agents to locate them. Although some agents may search Craigslist or want ads, they are usually the exception to the rule. To get maximum exposure for your sale you should hire an agent to market your property to the many buyers who are looking.


Take the time to make a decision on all purchase offers

Place your home on the market carefully. You should ensure that you are available to review all offers within a reasonable time when the property has been listed. Advertise a deadline for all offers. This will let you know when you must be available to review all offers and make a decision. It can be time-consuming so don’t get caught unprepared! ).

You should respond to all offers within 24 hours. If you are certain that you will not accept certain offers, inform the buyers as soon as you can so they can continue their search. You must promptly counter-offer if you intend to do so. The negotiation process can take up to 24 hours.

Be wary of the “perfect offer”. Sometimes, pressure buyers will make promises that they won’t be able to keep in order to “capture” your home and place it under contract. It sounds too good to be true? The buyer may have unexpected difficulties keeping the contract.

Open communication between agents is the best way to avoid this. Talking with the buyer’s agent is a good way for a seller’s agent to gauge the buyer’s ability and stability. A lender can also pre-approved and vet the buyer. Sellers in hot markets may require that buyers are pre-approved by the lender they choose, even if they end up working with another lender.

You should be ready to move quickly

Buyers in hot markets are more likely to purchase with cash. Your buyer may not require a loan approval. This would significantly reduce the time that your property is under contract. You will close quickly if you accept an all cash offer.

Before you put your property up for sale, get mentally prepared. If you don’t find another property that suits your needs, it might be a good idea to rent. 

Appraisal problems can be tricky.

It is not uncommon for hot markets to happen quickly. Appraisers may compare your property with properties that were sold less than a year ago. An appraiser may need to search many years back to locate comparable sales, even if no properties have recently sold in your area. These sales will most likely be for much less than your current offer.

This can be a problem for sellers. A property that doesn’t appraise at the asking price will not be eligible for a loan. It is possible to reduce your sale price or find buyers who will pay cash and don’t need an appraisal to close the deal. If a property fails to appraise or the seller refuses to lower its price, it is likely that the deal is over. The buyer will have no other options than traditional lenders to pay the purchase price.


Profit from the Hot Market

You should use the hot market to your advantage if you have exceptional circumstances. When inventory is low, buyers are more willing to make concessions for sellers. You have more bargaining power once offers are made on your property. This will allow you to make special arrangements for moving. Do not be afraid to negotiate. You are just as aware of the limitations of the market as your buyer.


Do not let your hopes get too high!

The market may be hot, but that does not mean there will be multiple offers.

You’ve probably heard of the house that sold in just three days for more than the asking price. You don’t know everything about the sale. Maybe there was something very special about that property that allowed it to sell quickly and for such a high price.

There are many factors that can affect the house prices in different areas. There are many factors that can make a property more desirable than others. For example, a well-designed home, plenty of light, decorator colors or mature fruit trees could all lead to buyers making multiple offers and high prices.

These might not be available in your home. You might not be able to offer these features if you sell in an up-market. Your home is more likely to sell at the asking price than if you were selling in a down-market. If you are one of the fortunate ones who receives more than you could have ever imagined from the sale, you can toast to that at closing with your selling agent!


If you need help selling or finding a home, Call Full potential Real Estate LLC Today!


Full Potential Real Estate, LLC

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What Are the Necessary Steps to Buying a Home?

Real Estate Financing Myrtle BeachIt is not an easy task to buy a house. However, these 10 steps will help you manage the process and make the best buying decisions. Find a Myrtle Beach Real Estate agent to help you through the home buying process.

Step 1: Get started early with your research

Start reading real estate listings as soon as possible. Keep track of the homes that you are most interested in, and how long they remain on the market. Note any price changes. This will allow you to get a feel for the housing trends in particular areas.

Step 2: Find out how much  you can afford

Lenders recommend that home buyers look for properties that are three to five times their annual income. This is if they plan to pay a 20% down payment and have moderate amounts of debt. This decision should be made based on your financial situation. 

Step 3: Get pre-qualified and pre-approved

Before you begin looking for a house, you need to determine how much money you are willing to spend. Prequalifying for a mortgage is the best way to find out your budget. You will need to give your banker some financial information, including your income, savings, and investments to get pre-qualified. The lender will review your financial information and let you know how much they can lend you. This will give you an idea of the range of homes that you should be considering. You can then apply for a pre-approval. This requires you to provide financial documents such as W-2 statements, pay stubs, statements from your bank accounts, and so on. These documents are needed so your lender can verify your credit and income.

Step 4: Find the Right Real Estate Agent

When you are buying or selling your home, Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents can be valuable. Agents can help you find information about homes and neighborhoods that are not readily available to the general public. They can help you with everything from the home buying process, negotiating and local knowledge. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for an agent. They are paid a commission from the seller.

Step 5: Shop and make an offer on a home

Begin finding homes within your price range. You might find it helpful to make notes on each home you visit.  You might find it difficult to remember all the details, so take photos or videos to help you remember. You should pay attention to the details of every house. 

Take this example:

  • To test the plumbing, run the shower to check the water pressure and the time it takes to get hot water.
  • Turn switches on and off to test the electrical system
  • To test if the doors and windows work correctly, open and close them.

It is also important to assess the area and take note of such things as:

  • Are the homes on the block in good condition?
  • How much traffic is there on the street?
  • Is it convenient to schools, shopping centers and restaurants?

You should take as long as you need to find the perfect home. Work with your buyers agent to negotiate a fair price based on other homes in the area. After you have agreed on a price, the house goes into escrow. This time is required to complete the rest of the home-buying process.

Step 6: Schedule a home inspection

A home inspection is usually required to determine if there are any structural problems or other issues. Most real estate agents, will assist you in arranging for this inspection within a few days after your offer has been accepted by the seller. If the inspection finds significant material damage, this contingency allows you to renegotiate or withdraw your offer without penalty.

You and the seller will both receive a report on the findings of the home inspector. The report will let you decide whether or not to ask the seller for repairs before closing the deal. You will be able to walk through the house before the sale closes to you to verify that all agreed-upon repairs were made.

Step 7: Meet with a mortgage lender to select your loan

Lenders offer a variety of loan programs at competitive rates and are known for their customer service skills. There will be many questions as you purchase a home. Having a knowledgeable, responsive mortgage lender will help make it easier.

Each home buyer has different priorities when it comes to choosing a mortgage. Some homeowners are keen to keep their monthly payments as low and affordable as possible. Some people want to ensure that their monthly payments do not increase. Others choose a loan because they know that they will move again in a few years.

Step 8: Get your home appraised

Lenders can arrange for an appraiser to provide an estimate on the home’s value. An appraiser is an independent member of a company and is not associated with the lender. All parties will be notified by the appraisal that the property is being sold at the right price.

Step 9: Coordinate all Paperwork

There is a lot to do when buying a house. Your lender will arrange for a title firm to handle all paperwork and ensure that the seller is the correct owner of the property you are purchasing.

Step 10: Close the sale

You will sign all paperwork necessary to close the transaction, including the loan documents. After all paperwork has been returned to the lender, it usually takes several days for your loan funds to be available. Once the check is delivered, the buyer can move into their new home!

If you need help finding and purchasing your dream home, call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC Today!

Full Potential Real Estate, LLC

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


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