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selling a homeIf you are planning to sell your Myrtle Beach home it is important to understand that this whole process is both overwhelming and stressful in order to get the best price from it possible. There are a number of important real estate selling tips you should learn when it comes to selling a home fast. Below are some of the important tips you should consider so you can the best price when selling a home:

Preparation Tips Before Selling A Home

Taking an Objective Look at Your Home

After living in a certain place for a long time (like your home), it is human nature to overlook the small things that could hurt its resale value. For this reason it is wise and important to ensure that you take an objective look at your home before placing it in the market. You should think just like a potential buyer and identify all the turn-offs, and look for a way to negate them.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Statistics in the real estate industry have shown that most potential property buyers make up their minds about viewing the inside of a house within the first 10 seconds of looking at its curb appeal. This is one area that is very important to take care of as you make the preparations when it comes to selling a home in Myrtle Beach.

It should be very attractive and breathtaking in order to attract more visitors to your property and also arouse their interest to enter and view it well inside. A professional realtor in Myrtle Beach said that a great curb appeal is quite a strong point that attracts buyers as it reflects the degree of care and maintenance according to the other parts of the house.

Making the Home Stand Out

When buyers are looking to buy a home, they normally view a number of properties before making their final decision. In order to close the deal, you have to make sure that your house stands out. It is important to make sure that the buyers can connect with your home and visualize it as their own. In order to achieve this feat, you should ensure that you “depersonalize” your home.

This will be achieved by ensuring that you put away all your personal belongings and photos. This makes your home neutral and it will be easier for prospective homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home with nothing detracting them.

Pricing Your Home Right

Apart from doing the basics like cleaning the house thoroughly, repainting it, de-cluttering and fixing all the broken parts when preparing to sell your home, setting the price right is also very important.  You may want to consider hiring a handyman to repair dripping faucets, clean up the yard and do a thorough inspection of your home. You should carry out research on your competition as well as the market in order to set your price well. Use the home search function on our website to conduct your research.

You can take the risk and slash the price of your home by about 15 – 20% off the prevailing market prices.  This is a huge risk but it may bring a lot of buyers to your home and force bidding that will fetch more than the set price and maybe over what it is worth. This is a great strategy for selling your home in the prevailing market today.

All the above are the important real estate selling tips that you ought to follow when getting your home ready for sale. However, the best tip is to call your local real estate agent in Myrtle Beach for their advice on selling a home in Myrtle Beach.

Cheryl Woodward with Full Potential Real Estate knows the area and can ensure your home is priced right. Call today for a no-obligation consultation.

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How To Hire A Reliable Listing Agent

real estateTwo major mistakes homeowners make when it comes to hiring an agent for their listing are: They base their decision on the house’s highest price and the lowest commission.

The seller might initially say, “Are you crazy?” Sellers will often want to get the best price and the lowest commission. These criteria are not relevant to hiring a competent and reliable listing agent. They are often completely irrelevant in many cases. Let’s discuss why.

Highest Suggested List Price

Myrtle Beach Real Estate agents can’t tell you how much your home is worth. This is a mistake. Listing agents can provide you with comparable and pending sales as well as active sales. You can choose the sale price, and buyers will let you know if it is fair. An agent will recommend the price range that is most likely to attract buyers. The buyer will decide what happens next.

Agents can distort the truth to get the listing. Because real estate agents cannot guarantee sales prices, it is possible for a listing agent to recommend the highest price. Ask the agent for supporting numbers to support their suggested listing price. If the agent doesn’t have stats or the sales were in a different area, it may be a red flag.

Look for a listing agent that can provide a price range. The spread may be higher or smaller than the $10,000 difference between the high-end and the low-end. The range is determined by many factors, including market temperature and improvements to the home.

Pricing is an art form. The best time to make an offer is typically within the first 30 business days of it being on the market. The ideal time is 21 days. It will be easier for you to receive an offer if your home is correctly priced. If it is priced too high, buyers won’t be interested in your home. You will end up lowering its price and leaving them wondering if there are any problems with the house.

Choose an agent based on commissions

Each real estate agent is different. Each agent has their own strengths and weaknesses. Remember that only 10% of agents will manage 90% of the business. Each agent has its own marketing budget and techniques. You will be more likely to get a deal if you choose an agent who has a large advertising budget and can use company dollars to complement it. You will be more likely to get an offer if you can reach multiple buyers.

Why would an agent work harder than their competitors? A broker or real estate agent may discount a fee for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s the only way a real estate agent can compete in today’s highly competitive market. Without it, the agent won’t be able to stand out among the rest of the competition in terms of knowledge, service or negotiation skills. If the only benefit an agent offers you is a low fee, then you should ask why. Is he desperate to get your business? Are they unqualified? Do you want to work with a desperate agent?

Sometimes full-service agents can negotiate a lower commission in certain circumstances, such as:

If you are selling and buying a house simultaneously, both transactions will be handled by one agent. Although I don’t offer discounts like this, there are agents who do.

You’re willing to do the marketing and advertising work, as well as pay for all expenses associated with the sale.

Agents would prefer the signage and overcharge a full commission.

If you’re interviewing agents that offer similar services but are unable to decide between them, ask if they can show you their track record. This includes the original list prices and final sales numbers. You will find that the lowest-paid agent will offer you more price cuts and longer DOM. The difference in charges between agents who charge 6& and 5% is only 1%. Consider how you would fare if your house is sold by a lower-cost agent who can’t afford to market it actively.

Marketing Agents is Important

Marketing is the only way to make a listing agent a success. Because marketing helps them sell houses. Make sure to read every page of the agent’s marketing plan. What is the agent looking to accomplish in selling your home? These are some of the most important:

Lock box, Electronic tracking daily of lock box access, Professional signage that includes the number of the agent, Incentive for broker previews, Staging advice, Virtual tour, Targeted digital marketing, Distribution to Websites, Flyers for buyers, Four color flyers, and Open houses.

Remember that there is no one strategy that sells homes. You will always need to use a combination of these strategies to market your home.

A Good Listing Agent

Your listing agent will establish a special business relationship for at least one month. Choose an agent that you like, and someone you feel comfortable with. These are some of the traits that sellers expect from their agent: Experience, Education, Honesty, Networking, Negotiation skills, and be a Good communicator. 

Ask for a personal guarantee. Do not hire an agent if they do not promise performance or will remove you from a listing.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC if you want to work with a professional, reliable, and competitive listing agent.

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Enhance Curb Appeal Before Selling a Home

selling a homeMaximizing curb appeal is the best way for selling a home. Selling a home is easier if you have a high asking price. There are many options to achieve the desired results. Your property’s value can be positively impacted by a renovation of its exterior and interior.

These are some areas you can improve on to make your home more appealing for home buyers:

Tips when Selling a Home

The front door

It is important to give your front door a facelift. It’s the first thing potential buyers will see when they visit your home to take a look. A real estate agent will tell you to concentrate on certain visual improvements. It costs less than $100 to transform your front door.

The entryway The entryway to a house is often overlooked. To give your entryway a warm, inviting feel, it is important to put some lighting in. Your home will sell more easily if it is well-maintained. Properties that receive a lot more attention sell quicker than properties that are not properly maintained.

Add foliage

Leaflets are another great way to improve the property’s visual appeal. The appearance and feel of your house will be greatly enhanced by adding flowers and plants. This must be done correctly. To set up everything, you can hire a landscaper and a gardener. A well-designed home can be a great selling point.

Proper lawn care

As a home seller, you should also pay attention to lawn care. Proper lawn care is crucial for keeping your grass and shrubs in good shape. It is possible to hire a professional if you are unable to do it yourself. It may be expensive, but it will pay off in the long-term when you are ready to sell your house and get a good asking value.

Gutter maintenance

It might surprise you to see how dirty your gutters are. Regular gutter cleaning is important. This is to make sure that your roof is free from dirt and other debris that could cause damage.

Power washing

If your house is in good condition, a Myrtle Beach real estate agent can easily market it to potential buyers. Dirt will build up over time in your driveway and on the exterior walls of your house. All dirt can be cleaned up with power washing. It’s best to trust the pros. A wrong move with a power washing machine can cause damage to walls. It is important to keep your home in good condition when you are planning on selling it. You should also seek out Full Potential Real Estate’s expertise to list your house.

Do you want to sell your home? Give us a call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC now if you need professional help in selling your home.

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selling a homeThere might be unfamiliar terms that you need to know when selling a home. The term “sellers disclosure” can be confusing for first-time sellers. What is a seller’s disclosure? And why is it so important? This article will address frequently asked questions about the subject.

This is what you need to know about the seller’s disclosures when selling a home

What exactly is a seller’s disclosure?

A sellers disclosure is a document that asks several questions about the property. The answers to these questions can be eithrer yes or no. The questions ask for descriptions of the property that may affect its value or influence the buyer’s decision to buy. Potential hazards, water damage, and pest infestation are all factors that could negatively impact the house’s value. When selling a Myrtle Beach home, this information must be disclosed. The disclosure gives buyers an overview of the property.

Do I have a legal obligation to disclose my seller’s identity?

Depending on where you live, the answer might be different. Some states have more stringent requirements. In some states, disclosure may be optional. The disclosure may be required in certain areas. It is also part of the contract for the property purchase. To learn how to proceed, speak to your real estate agent.

Do home improvements need to be disclosed?

It is important to mention any major home improvement projects that were undertaken. It is important to note whether all permits required for the project were obtained. Home repairs and minor home improvements are not required.

If the sellers have provided a disclosure, is a home inspection no longer necessary?

The short answer to this question is no. A home inspection is often a condition of a home buyer‘s purchase. You, the homeowner, should have a home inspection before you list your home. This will allow you to be aware of any problems that may exist.

What happens if there are issues?

There are two options for homeowners if there are any issues after a home inspection. The homeowner can either sell the home as is or make an offer to buy it. This is provided that all issues are clearly disclosed in the contract. To make the sale more efficient and less complicated, the homeowner can choose to fix any problems.

What happens if I don’t disclose issues?

The answer to this question will vary depending on where you live. Buyers can usually opt out of the deal if there are any issues prior to closing. If the buyer does not close and discovers the problems, they can sue the seller. Hire experts such as Full Potential Real Estate to avoid any legal consequences.

Can I sell my house as-is?

It is permissible to sell a house as-is in certain areas. This is a great way to quickly get cash when you need it. You will need to share all information about the house, including any hidden issues.

Only the best Myrtle Beach real estate agents are available. Full Potential Real Estate can be reached at (843) 236-0203.

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How To Get The Most From Your Listing Agent

listing agentThe real estate industry is a busy sector these days. Obviously, you want to work only with the best, but how can you make sure that you hired the right listing agent and you are getting the best service possible. One way would be to ask your real estate agent what their plans are for your home. Provided below are a few of the responsibilities of a listing agent when it comes to selling a property. Listing agents are different from buyer’s agents. One glaring difference is that the former focuses on the sale of a house while the latter is more about the purchase of a property. The roles of these real estate agents have evolved significantly over the years as an increasing number of people needed their expertise and as the real estate sector grew as well.

Responsibilities Of A Listing Agent

The duty of your Myrtle Beach listing agent starts when you appropriate their services to help you sell your house. Their primary task is to check the house and assist you in making a decision as to what the asking price will be. The cost of the property should not only be attractive to you but the local market as well. The price will be based on several factors like comparable homes that have been sold off within your area and the properties currently listed, along with other extras that your home features. Remember that your house should be competitively priced so it can be sold off immediately.

The second responsibility of the listing agent is to market your home. Without the right marketing, your home won’t be checked out by potential buyers and when your home is not being viewed by as any prospect as possible, then you might have difficulties selling your home quickly. Marketing is a project that involves several levels that use different media channels to spread the word about the sale of your home. The most common marketing techniques include the MLS listing as well as being featured in the listing agent’s website. The internet plays a crucial role in marketing any property, but it must also be accompanied by offline marketing methods that focus on advertising the sale of your home within your community and nearby areas.

With the plans for marketing your home firmly underway, your listing agent from Full Potential Real Estate will start the process of preparing and organizing the open house for your home, along with the documents needed for any offers that will be made. When you receive an acceptable offer, the listing agent will handle the paperwork, which is only one aspect of closing the transaction. The whole process is complicated and time-consuming, but all these will be dealt with by your listing agent.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC if you are looking for a reliable listing agent who can help you sell your home immediately at the best price possible.

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Real Estate Agent

How Can A Real Estate Agent Save You Time and Effort?

Selling a home isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you have an ideal asking price in mind, you might be surprised to know that your own valuation might not be how others view the value of your property. However, a real estate agent can help you sell your home for the best possible price, even exceeding your expectations. If you are still not convinced that you need a real estate agent, you should read the rest of this article. Basically, hiring a real estate agent comes with a number of benefits including saving time and effort.

How a real estate agent can help you in selling your home:

A real estate agent can help you make a good first impression

As they say, first impressions last. When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is to leave a bad taste among potential buyers. Word of mouth could spread like wildfire. That’s why it is important to stage the sale, making your home perfect before putting it out on the market. Your real estate agent Myrtle Beach, SC can help you out with all the details. That is, if you already have one. Selling a home isn’t necessarily hard when you have a really good listing agent to back you up. That’s why hiring one is almost always necessary.

Selling your home for the right price

When you are selling a home, you wouldn’t want to sell at a loss. What you need is to get the most dollar for your home. While there are ways on how you can up the value of your home, it’s not the easiest route. Having all the help you can get is the best way to sell your home. Make sure that you are aided by a listing agent that can deliver great results. One way a listing agent can help is to make sure your home is sold as the best possible price.

Getting the most out of the sale

Whether you want to sell your home sooner than later or not, you will want to sell at the highest price. One way of driving up the value of your home is to get more people to be interested in it. Now, you can do this manually, which takes a lot of time, effort, and money, or hire someone at Full Potential Real Estate, LLC.

Getting you through tough negotiations

Basically, a listing agent can help sell your home at the best price and in the shortest timespan possible. Along the way, there will always be some negotiations. However, some of them will be tough to get through. On the other hand, with the right listing agent, you can still get the best out of the sale.

Ironing out all the legal documentation

Dealing with legal documents can be a pain in the rear. However, a real estate expert can help you navigate the sea of documents that come with selling a home. Be sure to hire a real estate agent that can deliver great results and help you with all the hurdles that might come your way.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC if you plan on selling your home or buying your first one. You may reach us at (843) 492-4537.

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Tips On Choosing A Reliable Real Estate Agent

Whether you’ve been through it all or a complete novice when it comes to buying or selling a home, the entire process is never easy. That’s the reason why most home sellers prefer to hire a real estate agent to list their properties on the market. It is important to note the value of a reliable real estate agent. When you do your research and understand what it takes to start selling your home and actually closing a deal, you will undoubtedly see the value of a real estate agent. The first hurdle that you need to overcome, though, is hiring one. If you don’t know where to start, check out the rest of this article.

Follow the steps below in order to find yourself a reliable real estate agent:

Get referrals

A referral from people you trust is like taking a shortcut that saves you time, money, and the hassle of doing your research. If you want to quickly find a real estate agent Myrtle Beach, SC, be sure to ask the people you know. In fact, statistics suggest that one out of five sellers found their agent through referrals. That’s why you should never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

Check out real estate agents online

If asking for referrals doesn’t pan out, you can always look for real estate agents online. When you are selling a home, there’s really no shortage of people you can hire. There are a lot of individuals that can help you out. However, the problem is on how to choose the most suitable agent for you. Just like other professionals, you might not find what you need in every single person you ask. It’s a matter of research and a little bit of luck.

Meet up with your choice of agents

Once you’ve made a shortlist of potential listing agents, meet up with at least three that you favor the most. Don’t hire the first agent you hire even if they seem perfect. You’ll never know what lies ahead. You might even be surprised to find a better individual down your list. Take your time and don’t jump the gun.

Ask the right questions

When you do an interview, it helps to be able to ask all the relevant questions. Always ask about their experience, line of work, how many clients they actively have, and more.

Explain your motives

Be sure to explain what it is that you need and how you want things done. It is important to lay out all your cards for the seller’s agent to understand your motives. This is the only way you can both work harmoniously to achieve your goals.

Agree on a written contract

Always make sure that you agree on having a written contract before the real agent starts to work for you. It will be in your best interest to sign a contract. An expert like Full Potential Real Estate, LLC suggests having a legally binding contract to make sure that both parties are aware of the responsibilities that the partnership entails.

Are you planning on putting your home on the market? Let Full Potential Real Estate, LLC help you out. You may reach us at (843) 492-4537.

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Many real estate agents Myrtle Beach will agree that successfully and quickly selling a home relies greatly in effective staging. Not only will your house get a lot of attention from potential buyers, you will also be able to sell it in a higher price. The best thing about staging is you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to make the house more appealing to potential buyers. All you need is a little creativity and lots of time.

Here are some staging tips to help you in selling a home quickly and successfully:

Look at the house with a buyer’s point of view

Remember that the first thing that will attract potential buyers to your house is its outside appearance. You must ensure that the outside appearance of your house is highly attractive and buyers will not be able to resist coming inside and taking interest in the house. Ask your listing agent about the things you can do to make to help with the sale.

To do this, stand outside your house and think of yourself as a homebuyer instead of the owner or seller of the house. Look at the house and decide whether you would want to buy the house or not. Is it appealing to you as a home buyer? Does the house grab your interest and attract you to go inside and have a tour? Can you imagine yourself buying the house?

You can also take pictures of the house using your camera or smart phone while standing outside. Once you get inside, look closely at the pictures and write down your observations. It will be easy for you to see the areas that need repair and improvement. Write these down on your pad. Continue creating a list of the things that you need to do to improve the appearance of the house. And do not forget that you are looking at the house as a buyer and not the owner or seller.

Have a tour of the house

Again, do this from a buyer’s point of view. After buyers become attracted to the house, they will want to take a tour of the inside and the entire property. To ensure they will see your house in the best light, a Myrtle Beach real estate agent from Full Potential Real Estate suggest bringing a notepad with you while you tour the house. Use this to jot down what catches your attention in each room and area of the house.

After this, plan on how you can put more focus on each unique features, making sure that a potential buyer will not be able to miss them. Remember that you do not have to spend a lot of money in doing this. You can simply rearrange the things inside a room so that potential buyers will see what you want them to see. And sometimes, an overall cleaning and tidying will do the job. Do not forget, however, that what is important when rearranging furniture is that buyers see their selves living in the house.

Do not remind potential buyers that you are still living in the house

Remember that one of the keys in quickly selling a home is for the buyers to see themselves living in the house. Do not make it difficult for them to do so by leaving constant reminders that you are still living in the house. These include your personal things and belongings such as books, paperwork and pictures. If possible leave a lot of open space in each room to allow the potential buyers to visualize how they will decorate and fit their things in your house. However, make sure you leave enough furniture to give them an idea how each room could best be utilized.

Remove extra decorations and furniture

According to Full Potential Real Estate, if you have a lot of furniture inside a certain room, consider removing some and keeping them in the storage room or attic – any place where they are less likely to be seen by potential buyers. You might want to start with worn out furniture and damaged decorations. Again, you want the buyers to see the house in the best light. And they will not be able to do this if they see wear and tear on some of the furniture. Like clutter, wear and tear can easily turn away your potential buyers.

Make every corner sparkle

This is probably the best and most cost-effective way to quickly sell your house. A house that sparkles, meaning every area is clean and tidy, is a house that is well taken care of. Most potential buyers are actually looking for that factor in every house they visit and tour. They want to buy a house that has been and is well taken care so they will not have difficulties getting the house in tip top shape after buying. Remember that they are not only thinking about the time they will need to spend in improving and getting the house into shape, they are also thinking about the additional costs they will have to go through. Make it easier for them by showing that the house is already in tip top shape by making sure that every area is clean and free of dust and debris.

For more information in selling a home, call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC and speak with one of their professional real estate agents. You may reach us at (843) 492-4537.

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Regardless of whether you are a home buyer or a home seller, you would benefit from working with a real estate agent. Keep in mind that a real estate investment process can be long, stressful, and tiring. Even if there is a wide availability of helpful information and how-to videos that you can access via the internet, you can ensure a less difficult route to success if you opt to work with a real estate agent.

If you are still doubtful of whether or not you should hire a real estate agent, here are some good reasons that you should consider.

  1. A real estate agent in Myrtle Beach can also be your friend and confidante.

Everyone realizes that selling or buying a home requires making a decision that will affect you emotionally and financially. If you are doing this on your own, the emotional ride can be more anxious and can even affect your health.

If you are working with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent, you will have someone to speak with should you find yourself torn apart by the decisions you need to make. They will be there to listen to your situation and support your decision even if you call them in the middle of the night. The real estate agents with Full Potential Real Estate treat their clients as their friends. They listen when necessary and offer their advice and recommendations when needed.

  1. A real estate agent is also your best project manager.

One of the many reasons why many real estate investments succeed when there is a real estate agent is because the agent works not only to persuade the buyer or seller to proceed with the deal but also takes on the role of a project manager. Most often, there are other processes and procedures involved in a real estate transaction. Considering these, a trained and experienced real estate agent should be able to organize and make the connections to ensure every process and procedure goes through effectively.

For example, before buying or selling a home, it needs to undergo some essential repairs and upgrades. The real estate agent will call in a home inspector to verify and confirm the areas that need repair. With the permission of the buyer or seller of the house, the agent will build a team of home renovation experts to make the house up to date and suitable for their next owners. With the agent’s amazing project management skills, all these are completed in a timely manner.

  1. A real estate agent in Myrtle Beach is well connected.

This is what many buyers and sellers need, particularly those who are looking to sell at an attractive price and at the best rate.  Real estate agents, especially those who have been working in the industry for years have lots of connections in the industry. They know someone who can help you expedite your approval for a mortgage loan. They know home inspectors and home renovation professionals like Full Potential Real Estate who can provide their services for a lower fee. With these connections, you can expect to sell or buy a home in less than a month, something that you can never do on your own.

  1. A real estate agent will continue to be in contact with you even after the deal is closed.

Because real estate agents are also your friend, most of them tend to continue being your friend for years after the deal closes and you have already made the move. Thus, if you need information about the house or need someone to do some repairs or additions to the house, a real estate agent can surely help.

Looking for a trained real estate agent in Myrtle Beach, call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC now. You may reach us at (843) 492-4537.

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Prepping Mistakes When Selling A Home

Putting your home up for sale is easy. However, fetching a good asking price for your property is the hard part. You need to make all the preparations to make the sale as smooth as possible and for a great deal. That’s why you should take the time to consider all the preparations before selling a home. Decluttering, splashing a fresh coat of paint, staging, and cleaning all work together to for the good of the home sale. This article will focus more on the preparations you need to make in order to boost easily sell your home.

Preparations you need to make for the home sale:

Make sure the area surrounding your front door is given attention

When you enter any home, it’s the front door and the surroundings that you notice. Make sure that everything the eye can see is clean and that there are no issues. The small things matter when it comes to selling your Myrtle Beach real estate. Here are a list of things that you can do:

  • Clean your mailbox.
  • Replace your old welcome mat with a new one.
  • Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.
  • Buff your door hardware for a nice shine.
  • Dust off any cobwebs.

Clean your roof to remove any unsightly issues

Getting a new roof is expensive. That’s why most homebuyers want to make sure that the house they are buying has a roof that’s in mint condition. And you should give buyers what they want – a nice and clean roof. Any listing agent will tell you to fix any roof issues before putting your property on the market. This is to add to its value and not the other way around.

Depersonalize your house

If you’ve owned and lived in the same house for years, you’ve probably made some customizations. You should undo these changes to make it less personalized and more open for new owners. Potential buyers would want to add some of their own personal touch to the real estate. It will be in your best interests to make sure that your house is welcoming and attractive to buyers.

Neutralize odors and eliminate the source

Staging a home isn’t just about setting the look and feel of the house. It is also about controlling how the house smells. Any foul odors must be eliminated and the source removed. Foul smells are off-putting and can sometimes cost you a deal. Any potential buyers will be pleased to know that your home looks, feels, and smells welcoming.

Hire a real estate agent to help you out with the sale

Probably the best thing that you can do to help you out with your home sale is to hire a professional like Full Potential Real Estate. While you can make all the home preparations, your real estate agent can deal with all the legalities involved with selling a home.

Are you planning on selling your home? Call Full Potential Real Estate to help you out. You may reach us at (843) 492-4537.

Full Potential Real Estate, LLC
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