Tips On How To Sell Your Property Online

real estate agentA lot of U.S. states have implemented social distancing guidelines which makes it harder for the normal real estate practices to resume. Selling or buying a house isn’t like what it was a few months back. Nowadays, most real estate agent and sellers are have innovated, making full use of the internet and platforms that provide a gateway for both parties to continue the business. However, not everyone is aware of how to fully exploit online home selling.

Here are ways you can sell your home online:

  1. Find a reliable real estate agent that you can trust

Establishing this first step is essential. You must take into account the fact that you can’t do everything on your own. Micromanaging is fine but it won’t make selling your home any faster. You need to find a helping hand that you can rely on. Of course, don’t just hire any Myrtle Beach real estate agent, you should hire the best. Since COVID-19 has disrupted the real estate market, here are a bunch of factors to consider when hiring a real estate agent:

  • They must have experience in selling property virtually.
  • They must use specialized software.
  • A solid market plan is necessary
  • A clear line of communication between you, them, and the buyers.
  1. List your home online

Nowadays, conventional house viewing will no longer suffice. You might need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures and videos of your property. You then have them edited and listed online. It will also be useful to host online meetings via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other conferencing platform. This will help you and potential buyers to reach a deal without even leaving the front door.

  1. Keep your home presentable

Even though the listing will be done online, it is imperative that the house be cleaned and made presentable at all times. This is to ensure that any online conferencing be done in the best way possible. Taking live videos of your home would also be more enticing to buyers if it was clean and everything is in place.

  1. Have your home inspected

You will still need to have your home checked by a home inspector. However, it won’t be the same as usual. You could opt to have your home inspected without you being there. Also, social distancing and other health safety protocols must be applied. If the inspector does not have any protocols in place, give them yours.

  1. Assessing home value

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has allowed for home appraisals beyond what is normally used. Alternative appraisals are not used. Even the home inspector’s report can be used to gauge the value of your property. You could hire the Full Potential Real Estate, LLC to help you with this part of the process.

  1. Filtering potential buyers

According to the National Association of Realtors, a listing agent may limit showings to pre-qualified buyers. However, this will only be possible through the proper procedures which are to ask buyers for a pre-qualification letter.

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