To-Do List After Purchasing A Home

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After you’ve closed the deal on your new home, you should do a number of things right away. Most of the time, your real estate agent would advise you to do a couple of things after completing the paperwork. If by any chance you weren’t informed on the first few things that you should accomplish, you don’t need to worry. Here are some of the first things that must be done after purchasing a new home:

Always consult your real estate agent for everything that you don’t already know

  1. Change the locks – at a safety standpoint, you should always put changing the locks as the first priority. You don’t really know who else has a copy of the keys into your house. Unless you change them after the purchase, there’s a risk of people trespassing inside your home. Be sure to quickly purchase new locks to ensure maximum safety. Most of the time, the Myrtle Beach real estate agent that took care of the sale would advise you to do this right after the purchase.
  1. Inspect windows and doors – if you haven’t fully checked out the windows and doors in your new home, you should give it time. You might be wondering why this process is done after the purchase and not before. Do remember that there will be a number of windows in the house and you really can’t check every inch of the property in just a few sight visits. Be sure to check the windows and doors to be certain that you won’t be having any room for intruders.
  1. Inspect the smoke detectors – it’s not all the time that you need to replace the smoke detectors. Most of the time, there’s no problem or batteries need replacing. In any case, the smoke detectors must be checked to ensure that any possible fires would be contained before spreading.
  1. Plan an escape route – safety isn’t just keeping things secure inside the house. Having a safe route outside the house in case of emergencies is also quite important. After you’ve bought the house, make a plan and a safe route for your family just in case emergencies arise.
  1. Check the driveways and walkways – it’s not really much of a big deal but you should check the driveways and walkways again after the sale. Check what changed during the inspection.
  1. Double-check the inspection report – one good way of making sure that everything is accounted for is checking the inspection report. Refer to each of the reports while you are inspecting the home. This will help you in determining if there are any changes made that you were not aware of. Your buyers agent can help you out in case there are some discrepancies with what’s indicated in the report.

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