5 Ways to Stage Your Bathroom for a Myrtle Beach Home Sale

bathroom staging Myrtle Beach

Someone buying a home in Myrtle Beach loves the attraction of a serene bathroom, calming and spa-like, straight from an elegant magazine or prominent global hotel. However, let’s be honest– hardly ever do our restrooms really look like that, and for the most parts it does not make sense to purchase that luxury when listing your home. Instead of revamping every bathroom, smaller sized tasks and basic design additions can make all the distinction when attracting home buyers in Myrtle Beach. From relining your tub to decluttering your space, let’s take a look at five methods to stage your bathrooms to get that winning offer.

Quick Tips For Staging Your Bathroom Before Listing Your Myrtle Beach Home

  1. Declutter

Staging Myrtle Beach Homes For SaleAmong the most significant deterrents to potential home purchasers are cluttered and unorganized bathrooms. Purchasers want to imagine themselves in your home– whether it’s preparing in the morning or settling into a hot bath after a long day– and it’s tough to do so when the area is cluttered. Personal toiletries all over are not just disruptive, they can make potential buyers feel like they’re invading your individual space. Keep toiletries, shower items and restroom supplies hidden and out of sight in a closet or concealed drawer. This way your buyers can focus more on your gorgeous area and less on the brand name of tooth paste you utilize.

  1. Keep It Clean

When listing your home, it’s vital that your bathrooms look as brand-new as can be. Purchasers pay top dollar for a new environment, so cleaning every inch of your space to make it look brand new can gain huge benefits. Stash cleaning materials, bags of toilet paper and various products like plungers and brushes. While they’re vital for everyday bathroom use, they will not provide a spa experience to buyers, so it’s best if they stashed out sight and out of mind. You want your area to seem like a luxury hotel, not a well-loved college dormitory restroom.

  1. Add an Upgrade

Minor upgrades can make a world of difference when presenting your home, especially in the bathroom. Instead of investing a fortune on totally brand-new spaces, concentrate on upgrades that will make big impact. Tub relining, for instance, is an easy repair that can turn a cracked or stained tub into a modern masterpiece. An expert can reline your tub in a matter of days, leaving it looking brand brand-new. A fresh coat of paint and brand-new light fixtures are also great bang-for-your-buck changes. Even upgrading your vanity’s hardware can be a selling point for possible buyers.

  1. Provide Luxurious Touches

Simple additions can go a long way to making your buyers feel comfortable. Including glamorous touches and well-chosen bathroom accessories can immediately change your space into a decadent spa-like space. Hang unused plush towels and decorate your counter with a wooden soap tray, bath oils or a spectacular flower bouquet for added freshness and a fresh warm feeling. A small wooden stool with a couple of rolled towels beside a bath tub give the bathroom a  high-end appearance, while a basic tray with varying heights of candle lights and apothecary jars keeps visual excitement sleek and cohesive. Remember to keep things easy and clean, as you want your bathrooms to appeal to a range of potential buyers.

  1. Maximize Storage

Myrtle Beach Homes For SaleStorage is always a big plus when it comes to a Myrtle Beach home buyer picking a house, and the exact same opts for restroom storage. Oftentimes it doesn’t make good sense (or it’s simply difficult) to include built-in storage. Rather, make the most of the storage offered by clearing out drawers, medicine cabinets and vanities. It’s inescapable that the majority of potential buyers will be opening drawers and looking in cabinets to inspect storage area, so make the space seem as enticing as possible by cleaning out and decluttering all bathroom storage. Not only will this offer the impression that your bathroom has endless storage space area, but purchasers will not get hindered by seeing it already occupied. Instead, they’ll have the ability to visualize their person items being stored away there, leaving you with a sold house and a huge smile.

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